divorce - is it a sin?

Discussion in 'Family and Parenting' started by mhroy, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I'm going to say divorce is a sin.


    ...we have all sinned in one way or another, so it doesn't make anybody more holier or closer to God than the next person.:D
  2. I like your attitude:

    Killing is a sin.


    ...we have all sinned in one way or another, so it doesn't make anybody more holier or closer to God than the next person.

    So that is what I am going to answer to her. If you divorce, you will commit a sin. But then just repent, and your sin will be forgiven.
  3. Recommendation

    mhroy: PM sent...

    I'd just like to mention that this thread is filled with information that applies to the GENERAL conditions of a divorce. In my first post I stressed that fact.

    Each situation is unique and since NO ONE here at CFS has all the detailed facts of this particular situation, it should NOW be left to a Christian Consultant or Counselor to work with both parties locally in-person and to make certain that they understand the Biblical AND civil ramifications of what they are about to do.

    While the information posted here can be of GENERAL HELP, it may or may not apply directly to the situation asked about here in this thread, so I would suggest that this thread end right here. It will NOT be close by me, and I can not speak for other Moderators, but it is my recommendation to just allow the persons in question to seek proper IN-PERSON assistance by a fellow Christian Consultant or Counselor locally. Advice in a forum setting is always incomplete at best as it applies to select situations and may even be misleading at times because it may not apply properly to a specific case. Thank you.
  4. Amen Pastor Gary!
  5. Well, my wife has left me for someone else who makes her happier. She feels her sin is leaving me and not living up to her marriage vows. Since she has separated from me(we aren't divorced yet), I don't think she believes sleeping with him is adultery. Of course I know it is. I have told her I have forgiven her, and that she needs to ask God for forgiveness. I am truly worried about her spiritual life as she has always been a very spiritual, Christian woman. Now she seems to be running from God. I truly believe that God will forgive her as long as she sincerely repents, and I hope she does, with or without me.
    The other man....well, I am struggling with what I think about him.
  6. We always run from God when we run towards sin Charlie. Some folks have to hit a brick wall before they turn around but if that's what they need the Lord will see to it.
    I never fail to be impressed by your loving heart brother- Jesus is both pleased and glorified. Keep your eyes on Jesus!
  7. I appreciate the kind words. If you knew my thoughts about this man, you probably wouldn't be too impressed. I just hope I never run into him......
  8. I can't imagine feeling any different.

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