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  1. For the last few years, I have had a kind of jiggling in my chest. Sometimes this jiggle would make me cough. I dismissed it as a stomach quiver. Lately these jiggles have increased in frequency. I became concerned that it could be my heart. I placed my fingers on the place where I found the strongest pulse(my throat). Whenever I felt the jiggle in my chest, I would momentarily lose my pulse. It felt like my heart was skipping a beat. Then the pulse would return to normal after the jiggle stopped. Tonight I dug out an old stethoscope to listen in and see if I could detect anything. Sure enough, as soon as I felt a jiggle, no more heartbeat for a second. I asked my wife to listen in and she noticed it too.
    My cardiologist has never mentioned anything. All my records show nothing. I've been going to this cardiologist for ten years. I recently switched doctors. The new doctor had his nurse do an EKG on me but she kept her hand on the leads. Whenever my heart did it's thing, she pulled the lead so that the EKG showed only a break in the signal. I can feel my heart doing this and it is disturbing in the least.
    I'm going back in Monday for another checkup to adjust meds. I asked my wife to shave my chest so the nurse won't use that excuse to keep her hand on the leads. I also asked my wife to stand where she can see what the nurse sees and that, as a signal, I'll raise my hand whenever I feel my heart jiggle and for her to make a note of what she sees.
    I am on disability and have had some things happen that cause me to worry about a possible cover-up. My disability is for anxiety and the recent stress caused my BP to go to 220/120 on one occasion. I am concerned I am developing heart disease and not being told this so as to keep my disability in the psyco/emotional realm and out of the physical realm due to legal/financial repercussions my former employer and disability insurance carrier would face.
    I live in a state that prides itself on being business friendly and I do believe our governor would do just about anything to protect his corporate buddies' financial interests. I fully understand the financial threat I pose to the affected parties, but I do wish to live long enough to see my youngest grow up.
    My request....prayer.
    My question......What would any of you do IF you were in my shoes and had concerns about your medical well-being.... being compromised? Would you go out of state to seek unbiased medical opinions? Out of country? Just hope for an honest doctor locally? How much time do I have? How serious is it when one's heart keeps skipping a beat?
  2. Sorry to hear Dan. Definitely praying!

    I would go out of state but not out of country. Also do lots of googling! Even doctors can learn a lot from all the testimonies of others on google.

    With my babies head condition I googled so many sites and testimonies. I knew which doctors were talking tripe.
  3. Praying for ya Dan!
  4. just sliced the end of my thumb off of my right hand so typing is a bit difficult...sorry.
    Sorry to hear of your situation Dan. Your profile does not say what county you are in. difficult to give advice on that basis. you could maybe ask for a holter monitor test. just listen to ol' dr calvin:cautious: but if there is a coverup that would get buried too. Can you just go to the local ER and report chest discomfort. they might be too busy to ring around to get your medical records. not dishonest if you are having chest discomfort, just don't tell them what they don't need to know if you can.
  5. Calvin! How serious is it? Smear it with the good stuff (Marmite and Manuka honey) and it will grow back, as Bob's your uncle.
  6. bit late....been corterized stitched and bandaged...Rusty this thread is about Dan. just mentioned my thumb by way of apologizing ahead
  7. Ohhh....
  8. Hello Dan,

    Irregular heartbeat, in and of itself, is harmless. I've had an irregular heartbeat my entire life, if the doctor hadn't told me I never would have known. The "jiggly feeling" however is a bit odd, that may be more than just skipping beats and you should seek professional help. If you can afford it a stress test and cardiac sonogram might be in order. I'd go to a local doctor and just make sure that said doctor is as interested in keeping you alive as you are.
  9. Is it well with your soul?

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    Praying for you...

  10. In Canada, the GP usually refers you to a specialist when he doesn't know or is in doubt. I don't want to hazard any guesses for you, but from what you explain you should insist that you be referred to a specialist. It is your right, regardless of what the doctor 'feels". I find it incredulous that a nurse would touch the leads at all for an ECG. You should mention this also to the doctor. In Canada, we go to a lab or hospital for those kind of tests.
    I pray God gives you peace, and healing for your body and your mind.

    God Bless

    BTW, I know it feels like it but I have been assured that your heart doesn't skip beats, it only feels that way. What it actually does is insert an extra beat. I have had that problem for many years, even AFTER my heart attack in 04. That was caused by CAD, not a heart condition. My heart still does that extra beat thing some times. It's called palpitations.
    FYI, the bottom third of my heart does not work fully since my heart attack, but I'm still here 9 years later. :)
  11. I hate to hear that calvin!
  12. I think calvin gave the best advice. Go to the hospital's emergency room and allow them to run the tests.
  13. The nurse wasn't thinking clearly if she thought to save money, all she's really doing is setting up the hospital for a malpractice suit. I think I've experienced what you have, Dan, but haven't given it much thought because it happens so infrequently. I'll be interested in knowing what you find out.
  14. Another thing. I have heard that bacteria from tooth decay can get into the bloodstream and cause all kinds of problems. I asked the Cardiologist if there was a blood test for that because my anxiety and depression has caused me to fall way down on my oral hygeine.
    .....His reply? "No. there is no test for that."
    Whenever you google for bacteria in bloodstream from tooth decay it comes up with blood tests that are routinely done for that.
    Is my new doctor an idiot? incompetent? disingenuos?
    Is my life in danger?
    I almost want to run all the way to Canada in search of medical care free of corporate influence.
    BTW I have this doctor on audio telling me there is no test for bacteria in the bloodstream.
    Are these people willing to let me die of a blood infection?
    This bacteria attacks and in time damages the heart valves.
    I've tried to refrain from releasing anymore videos, but I feel I may have no choice so I released one I had made a few years back called .....Mark's Life part 2 of 100. I feel, depending on what happens Monday, I may be forced to post all my videos. The stress alone could kill me.
  15. Will your insurance allow you to change doctors?
  16. As far as I know, there is no specific test to the bacteria you are worried about because there is no specific bacteria. I don't think it works that way.
    Bacteria can indeed damage heart valves. Any Bacteria, can/will prosper in any area of the body that is unable to ward them off. If it happens to be your heart valves, then that is were the action will be, else it could be anywhere else in your body. An elevated temperature, elevated white Blood cell count are indicative of an infection, but do not necessarily mean an infection in the heart valves. Your Doctor and yourself might just be not communicating effectively.
    Dan, you seem to be very anxious at the moment, and that is probably a bigger threat to your health than anything else at the moment.
    Try and get some help with relaxation if you can.
  17. Problem is that with bacteria, doctors only prescribe antibiotics.

    Get to the source: get your teeth fixed!!
  18. UPDATE,
    We went in to see the cardiologist. He listened to my heart and immediately it skipped a beat. He noticed it and said how common that is and that, as long as I feel no pain and as long as it's just momentary, I shouldn't worry but that we should take regular blood tests because I'm on a diueretic and electrolite levels need to be monitored and maintained at proper levels.
    The doctor seemed genuine, spontaneous and straightforward. The new meds seem to be working better but more adjustments made to drop my BP further.
    All in all I feel much better about things concerning my heart.
    Thanks for your prayers and support.
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  19. Dan that is great news! Thanks for sharing with us.
  20. Great news, Dan!

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