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    How do you correct a distorted view of God? Because out of this view we trust or do not trust we are loved, we don't find the power to overcome sin, - it is basically a test of our faith. Right?

    I read, I constantly pray, I talk with other brothers in the faith, and yet something in my childhood still haunts me today in the form of not trusting God. My dad was hard to know love from until I got a certain age. Usually it's the other way around. But I was very fearful of dad's anger, because he reproved us without assuring his love afterwards. Plus he has a strong will that I don't have. Willpower is great, but he never understood why I couldn't do certain things. I never measured up, and I felt I had to.

    Plus, my first choice for a church ended up being a hell-fire fist shaker type of church.

    I did receive a lot of love and acceptance from my mom. I'm not trying to be hard on dad, I love him dearly and he provided for the family in so many ways. Parents aren't perfect. But actions take their toll on the children. I look at God the way I viewed my dad when I was young - to this day I do. And I, as a result, struggle with the simple notion that God loves me and thinks I am precious. I NEED to believe it, but I struggle with the whole idea.

    So will it just take more of the same plus time? I sure hope so. Time to grow up? I'd LOVE TO!! But some childhood fears are strong and go to the core of an individual. I pray for grace so I can believe in God's love, instead of believing He is indifferent to me.
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  2. I just read in 2 Corinthians 3:14 that when we turn to Christ the veil of unbelief is taken away. It was spoken referring to the Jews but I would assume it applies to unbelievers anywhere when the god of this world blinds their eyes (2 Corinthians 4:3-4). Maybe by my turning to Christ, which I have definitely done, my blindness will slowly change so I can see the light of the gospel and thus know the love of God.
  3. Everyone has a distorted view of God to some degree. This is because none of us can come close to comprehending all of who He is. Our understanding of God is incomplete - which means our understanding is skewed. In recognizing you have a distorted view, you have taken the first step in understanding Him better.

    Knowing God requires regular personal Bible study, and especially mediation on what you read. Years ago, I started keeping a journal of my regular Bible reading for the specific purpose of knowing God better. I would write down everything I could find from my readings about God - both direct statements and things that are inferred. This has definitely helped me know God better. I try to avoid commentaries, and I ask the Holy Spirit to help me know God.

    Knowing Jesus Christ will help you know God, so spend time in the gospels. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one in nature, character, and unity, so studying the character and nature of any one person of the Trinity will tell you about the others. And because God does not change, what you read about Jesus in the New Testament will teach you about God in the Old Testament, and vice versa.

    It is also profitable to seek the reasons why God did the things He did in the Bible. Don't just look at His nature, but seek to know His mind and heart. Find out why He did the things He did. If you come across what appears to be contradictory passages about what God is like, keeping studying and pay attention to context, meanings of words, etc., and your persistence will eventually pay off with new insight.

    Studying the scriptures is only part of the solution. You can only go so far in know God by reading the Bible. You must also act on what you find there: exercise obedient trust in Him in your daily walk as you learn about Him. Biblical faith is trusting in God even when you don't understand Him. It is Job trusting in God (Job 13:15), even though he thought God was unjust.
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  4. You're not alone friend. Many Christians struggle with the idea of seeing God by the experience they have seen in their lives.

    But what you have to realize is, that the love of God cannot be received until you honor the infallibility of His Word, because He magnified His Word above His name. We can't love God like we say we do if we don't honor his Word above our experience. God is called, Abba Father, meaning Daddy Father. God is our dad. But He isn't like our earthly fathers. He is the picture of love. Eternally, forever, without change. You cannot let your experience in life dictate your perception of our Father.
  5. It's sad that there are so many that would have you believe God is partial. God's impartiality is something we need to grasp Acts 10:34. We must draw the picture of God in our heads off John 3:16. Remembering John 15:13.
  6. If God saved us while we were still His enemies, how much more assured we should be of His love once we are saved.
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