Disorder Only Among Humans

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  1. Excellent. I agree that "things" do not look real good right now, but they probably look a lot better than they did in Noah's day when only 8 people were saved from the wrath of God.

    It seems to me that things are being prepared for the way of the Lord Jesus to come again. But then that is just me.
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  2. Amen "Come quickly Lord Jesus"
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  3. Noblemen
    I urge you to seek the Lord and see how far you have come in your course. It might be a better move for us all to truly find out if we have finished our course and fulfilled His call on our lives or even if we have even come close to actually doing any part of it.

    When we stand before the Father yes we will have our names written down But what about the book containing His plan for our lives?

    How well will stack up against that. Take Notice......all the stuff that gets burned up will be the things of our lives that did not match up to His plan. I myself don't want to just make it in the door. Do you ?

    So I myself am as Eagar as anyone to finally get home But I know I have not reached perfection and finished my course, how about you?

    Perhaps it is far better if we watch for Him and praying we can get stuff done before He comes for us.
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  4. I am really getting nervous now. You are sounding like me way too much.
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  5. I think he's a pastor in training :)
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  6. Well ya know, it does cut down on the arguing.
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  7. "Congratulations" to Fish Cather Jim.

    In case everyone missed it....He is now a "Senior" moderator!
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  8. Thank very much Sir !!
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    I disagree / don't like your use of words here ;). God has never wanted to instigate rules and regulations. This implies control / dictatorship. In heaven the greatest is the least. So the idea of dictatorship is in 100% contrast to our God's nature.

    I think we need to say 'divine rules' apply. 'The' divine rule is that God is love 1 John 4:8 and genuine love is to hate what is evil and cling to what is good Rom 12:9.

    Angels are free. Humans are free. Animals are free. Each of these only give you attention / come close to following a rule if you treat them well. God tolerates disorder. It is a requirement of a good / loving God.

    In your defense you did end with:
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  10. Care to elaborate a little here on this Kj?
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  11. Without disorder there is no free will. We will always have free will.
  12. Response to Noblemen' s OP.

    Romans 8:18-27
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