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  1. In hindsight, I think that a few months ago God commanded me through a dream to uplift a young, recently-married couple whose husband is a close friend of mine. I then dismissed it as a wacky nightmare, carried on, and today it came to pass; the couple isolated itself from the church and is contemplating divorce. Will God punish my inaction if they get separated?

    If you think that I am being conceited by thinking that I could have made a difference in their marriage, please let me know!
  2. If there is anything you think you can do (extend your friendship, advice, and of course, prayer) for this couple you know, do it. Not even because you believe God told you through a dream but because it's the right thing to do.

    But if they choose to isolate themselves and divorce, you are not responsible for their actions.
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  3. why? you plan to continue your inaction?
    he's your close friend you said... commanded or not, imo... but I think it is commanded..

    Luke 6:31
    "Do to others as you would have them do to you"
  4. May be you missed a blessing? That is why I would look at it.. At least that's the way I looked at events in which I felt bad about my inaction..
  5. The past is the past so you have to let that part go. I think what's best now is you talking with your friend and seeing if his relationship with his wife can be reconciled.
  6. Brother, god's huge and he know's we're going to make mistakes. Maybe this wasn't about your friend, maybe this was about you learning to trust what you're hearing from him. He love's you, he know's we're dust and we are learning to trust him.
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  7. No, you are not being conceited by thinking that you could have made a difference in their marriage. However, now you know they are having problems...so you should get in touch with your friend, ask him if you can help, and tell him you're praying for him. If you spend time feeling lousy about what might have been you may miss an opportunity to be a blessing to them now.
  8. You know... God does stuff like this..... We don't know the reason....

    I personally would take it back to God... Confess your inaction because of your confusion.... Ask God whether He would like you to go and talk with the fellow about this specific thing... There's a chance THAT DAY was the specific day that you could have offered something important... and the window of "Making a significant difference" has closed....

    Sometimes, the time is right at one time, but the time is wrong at others.... Intervening at the "Wrong" time will cause more harm than good....

    Sometimes, though - when God says "Yes" that the door has not closed - going back to your friend and telling him about the dream will be an encouragement to him... That God does care for him.... and that's important to hear....

    Otherwise - if he is a good friend - just check in with him and see if you can encourage and comfort him.... Encouragement is hugely important in people's lives - and it's often NOT what you get from your "Church friends" - who tend to be more like Job's friends when trouble comes along...

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  9. This isn't hard. Correct your mistake, you are HUMAN! Then, PRAY! ;)

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