Discussion on Pride...Proverbs Style!

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by GeddyLeeRoth, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Discussion on Pride...Proverbs Style!

    So in recent weeks in my Sunday school group, we've had some discussions about the topic of Pride and what Solomon says about it in the book of Proverbs.

    So here are some interesting things I've learned...

    -Pride is foolish because it makes you think you're better than everybody and that you deserve every thing in the world. Check it out on Prov. 16:18. God wants us to be humble, otherwise we'd crash and burn. There are so many real-life situations where this has happened, but one fictional story I can think of is the story of MacBeth by William Shakesphere. He was boasting so much about how he can't be defeated by any man or woman when he became king, but he underestimated his opponent Macduff and was defeated. For me personally, I have struggled with that, especially when I have bit more than I can chew.

    -Humbleness is good, God blesses all those who are humble. I think in our daily lives, if we practice this, we can totally see the end result on how positively effective it is...because being humble helps us build better relationships with other people, and of course with our Lord. Proverbs 22:4 says that we must be humble and respect God and he'll reward us with wealth, honour, and a satisfying life. I kinda wonder though if the "wealth" part of it not necessarily a monetary reference, but more in terms of wisdom.

    -Proverbs 18:12, this one is so true...pride will make you believe that only your opinions and knowledge matter and not anyone else's. I remember this one episode in "Arthur" (haha yes sometimes I cartoons) where Arthur's sister DW was teaching these kids a bunch of science information that wasn't even true (for instance, she thought H20 for water meant "O" for Oxygen "H" for "Hose"...she showed an empty bucket which was empty--full of air in her case--and she turns on the hose to fill the bucket with water). She pulled all this info out of thin air and assumptions. Of course this all came fell apart when Arthur and his genius friend Brain had to take her to the science museum to prove she was wrong about everything she explained to the kids.

    Anyways those are just some of my thoughts about pride in the book of Proverbs. I'd love to hear some insights from the rest of you about this.

    Let the discussion begin! :smiley10:
  2. I like how you apply things from your surroundings (MacBeth, Arthur) to relate your message .

    I find pride to be an especially annoying issue after something really good happens . pride is almost expected to happen at these intervals . so if discernment allows .. it's like .. you're just expecting it to happen . so the dialogue goes like this .. *salesperson about to knock on the door but you chime in on the intercom* sorry . don't want any of those, knock somewhere else ;)
  3. When someone is prideful, brags or just plain full of themselves, who wants it? It damages our Christian testimony.

    Romans 14:19
    Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

    Pride is as harmful as lying, cheating or many other things we can do that hurt each other.
    Good topic and I enjoyed your summary.
    God Bless!
  4. Yeah pride makes fellowship impossible . humbleness is great :)

    Philippians 2:3
    Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.
  5. James 4:16 even says that we as the prideful think our own works and efforts would help us succeed. Wrong! Only God can make things happen. One example I can think of is when we apply for our dream job. We get the interview and we're so sure we nailed it...but instead we get the rejection notice. This kinda thing can destroy the person's ego and causes anger. But they need to acknowledge the fact that God's in control. Give Him the steering wheel, and He'll take us where He wants us to be.

    When I get into a situation like that, I think the possibilities "Who knows? Maybe God foresees that I won't be happy in that job" or "There's a much better job opportunity up ahead!"

    Going back to Proverbs, they say the foolish man refuses to listen but the wise is all ears. Solomon is totally spot on about what he's saying...if you're wise, you'd be willing to listen to and read God's wisdom. Also if you're wise, you'd be willing to take constructive criticism from other people (or how about even ASK for constructive criticism? That'd be even better). Lately I've been willing to take some constructive criticism, and trust me, it helps you learn to grow to become a better person.
  6. i think satan loves pride,i remeber saying how no man had knocked me to the floor-days later it happened.but i,ve been saying lately how nobody can make me win over 3 million on the lotto=not as quick proving me wrong this time.=selective motives.
  7. My context of pride is unwilling to accept help, give up your control. God has been dealing with me on these issues. When I lost my job in September, it was the first in my life that relinquished control to God. As was sitting their getting fired my pride swelled up as I was attacked with llies, my temper was rising. Before I could utter a word God muted me.
    In the months that have followed God has teaching how to be less prideful, to trust more deeply in him. On Monday our car needed a jump and I called a friend form Church for his help.
    The battery was dead, knowing how we are struggling he bought us a new one. The old self would never ask for help. Pride is a weapon of the enemy that prevents you from having total trust in God. Anytime he can break the trust bond he has a victory.

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