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  1. Heads up

    Hey Bondman

    I am going out of town today for 3 days for seminar for work.. of all places they are holding it a local resort which is a casino.. Pray now that God will put before me those I can share a word with while I am there.

    Been busy packing and moving.. have hopped on and read your messages but not enough time to reply.. Keep up the great messages.

  2. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #33


    Misconceptions, Confusions, Presumptions, and More

    This is to help with the numbers of things we may easily misunderstand and plain get wrong when reading the Scriptures. Each section is of relevance and importance to all (ourselves and OTHERS we tell).

    A. Assumptions. We've made a rule in our household which quite simply says: "Never ever ASSUME!" This started when we were trying to work out what relatives were thinking about particular situations - and we were just guessing! Which is ASSUMING!!

    This is also MOST IMPORTANT concerning the Word of God. It's SO EASY to assume. Let me give you a (deliberately somewhat extreme) example. Question: Did God create only Adam and Eve - or others as well? Answer: WE DONT KNOW!! And why NOT? - because the Bible doesn't tell us one way or the other!!! So we cannot ASSUME that only Adam and Eve were created. Personally I think there were just the two, but the PRINCIPLE here is most important: I must NOT assume something that God has simply NOT told me!!

    And please NOTE that the BIG problem is when we assume something we're NOT told, then ACT UPON IT as if it's true!! That's BAD - yet many do it! Less extreme examples of assuming would be that there are just 3 Wise Men (no, 3 gifts: we're NOT told how many Wise Men). How many gifts? We're not told that either: just 3 are mentioned - but we may not assume that was all.

    Now this is MOST IMPORTANT: Want to know what this is all about? - in His Word God SIMPLY does NOT feel under any obligation to tell you EVERYTHING. He tells us just what we need to know. And THAT is enough! For example, you DON'T need to know everything to grow - just need to know enough, and to ACT UPON WHAT YOU KNOW!!

    B. Judgment Calls About God. What about making judgment calls concerning God and killing in the Old Testament. Like instructing his people to kill every man, woman and child after vanquishing an enemy. We dare to PRESUME that we understand the mind of God, His reasons and reasoning, and that we can QUERY if what He did was "RIGHT"? What dreadful rebellion is this against a perfect and HOLY God who instructs us to be Holy like HE is holy - which we're NOT - yet we think we can query Him, PRESUMING that we know better than He does!

    Concluded in next post...
  3. ... Concluded from previous post

    C. Out of Context. In Reaching Higher we've already looked HERE at how John 3:16 tells us how to get saved. And countless MILLIONS of people have been taught the serious ASSUMPTION that this is the whole story of salvation in the Bible!! IT'S NOT!! Far from it. This is taking two verses out of the CONTEXT of the WHOLE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT - with dreadful results!!

    Such assumptions are far too often made by IGNORANCE of the Word of God, jumping onto wonderful-sounding and relatively easy-to-do verses like the John ones, and thus condemning piles and piles of those they teach to hell, when they're expecting heaven instead! MAN, is that ever DREADFUL...

    D. Misconstruing what's really said. A good example of this is: Luke Ch 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.

    Over and over the large church group I mention quotes, "Give and it will be given to you," and they mean, "give money and you'll receive money," (they want you to give money to the church). But do you see "money" mentioned anywhere in the verse? NO! And even if we do give MONEY to God, which is fine, does it promise that you'll be certain, as they say, to get MONEY back? NO! Give "ANYTHING" and God will repay you with "ANYTHING."

    Can we use the last part about 'equal measures' to prove that money will get money? NO. It's simply saying that God will NOT short-change you - you'll receive an EQUALITY to what you gave! And of course the very concept of giving IN ORDER TO RECEIVE is utterly self-centered, and that church doesn't seem to 'get' any of that, so their basic understanding of the New Testameant message is dreadfully flawed. In this verse God is simply setting forth HIS GRACE and GOODNESS:

    "You're NOT going to lose out by giving, you know," He's assuring us, "I'm not ever going to be in your debt. You will be fully 'repaid' in some way, okay!" Isn't He and amazingly fantabulous God!!!

    - BM (with his Lady)

  4. Thanks! Thinking of you, hon!!

    - BM
  5. He truly is a fabulous God. Just got home from my 3 day journey for work. Last night , they had this huge party, so I prayed about it. I got dressed.. yep you guesesd it in jeans and my Care-A-Van shirt, which says on the back. Sharing the love of Christ. So I walk into this room, filled with about 200 people, some all dolled up and such. .. The wine and liquor was flowing and the band was in full swing.

    I drank diet soda for the night and I did dance a few dances with the girls. I had the opportunity to share of the Lord and his ministry as well that I am involved in. I got to tell you. .there were moments I felt like an alien.. the old Robin would have been drinking and dirty dancing with the single men.. (just plain honesty here).. anyway, I just kept on being a light in the dark room.

    Today was our last day of seminar. I had scripture reading and praying before I went down. At the end of the conference, they had a grand prize drawing.. they pulled the ticket.. the guy read the number, then another guy hollered is there a name on the back? the guy flipped it over and said yes there is.. The name is Robin Walters! I won the grand prize.. it was for a one night stay , with either 18 holes of golfing for two, or spa services for 2 with dinner for 2! Can you imagine out of 300 hundred plus tickets..mine was pulled..... hey I know who pulled that ticket.. not the guy in the blue shirt.. nope I believe it was the Lord .. he was blessing me for my obedience to him for 3 days.. that's my take it on it.. Now some week-end in the spring my daughter and I can have a great get away!
    Plus the Lord blessed me with safe travels home! He is fabulous!
    His mercy and grace endureth forever!

    Ok.. got to scoot.. now time to start packing again!
  6. It never ceases to amaze me how each Christian has their very own, specific strengths that, made available to our God, HE WILL USE!!! I just LOVE it!

    Your bravery is wonderful to see: dress to honour the Lord in a room full of people dressed to kill!! Haha, that is just priceless! (most of us would cringe even at the thought!)

    So then He honours YOU cos you honoured HIM, with a lovely gift for you and your daughter. "Wow, Lord you are the bestest!"

    Have fun with your packing (!??)

    - BM

  7. To be honest, I did cringe somewhat, felt like an alien at times , here is the whole story:

    A Blessing for An Alien

    No the alien did not arrive by space ship, she arrived by a Honda Civic. She traveled almost 3 hours to get to a local seminar for work. As she was busy preparing to go, she prayed and asked the Lord to use her in those 3 days in a strange new place.

    Upon arriving, her eyes were met with a huge towering building. As she walked in the world called to her. There were young women walking around scantily clad with flowing feather bonnets, young men serenading throughout the halls and the sounds of slots machines could be heard.

    She was at the Turning Stone Casino for a healthcare conference. She got all checked in and headed for the first event an opening welcome reception. Wrist bands were given to all entering the door, as it was an open bar night. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, but the alien felt a little out of place. This was her old life not the new life she now has.

    On day two, the day was packed with learning seminars and visits to the sponsor vendors to see about the services they offer. On evening two, a dessert cabaret was being held including a band. As the alien got dressed to go, she chose a pair of jeans and a ministry shirt which read on the back “Sharing the Love of Christ”. As she entered the room, it appeared she was a bit under dressed. Many of the women were still in their business suits from the day and the men were in slacks and ties. She sauntered over to the bar and ordered a diet soda. Now in the old days she would have chosen something much stronger. The band began to play and they were awesome! Everything was in full swing!
    The drinks were flowing and hips were shaking on the dance floor.

    The alien sat in her chair feeling a bit out of place. Thank goodness for the red ministry shirt. She looked down at her silver ring which said Angel power. A silent prayer was said “Oh Lord give me the strength to represent you. As the night went on, the alien participated in a few dances. Oh but not the way she use to! There was to be no dirty dancing tonight, no tonight she was to represent Jesus. Her mind swirled with thoughts of past parties. Those nights led to nothing but heartache, a lonely feeling and a horrible headache in the morning. Tonight she felt love, peace and joy. Upon retiring to her room, she got her comfy jammies on and read scripture.

    On the morning of day three, the seminar was just a half day. At the end they were having the grand prize drawing. They pulled the ticket and read the number, no one replied. Someone from the back of the room hollered “is there a name on the back? “. The announcer flipped it over and sure enough there was. Yes folks we have a winner and it is Robin Walters! Yes, the alien, me, Robin Walters was blessed with the grand prize~ The prize was a one night stay with golf for two, or sauna services for two, and dinner for two at this beautiful resort. ! As I walked to the stage to get my certificate, I gave thanks to the Lord for the blessing! This prize truly was from him. For you see, even though I may have felt alienated for three days, I was faithful and obedient to our Lord for sharing of his love and the ministry he has called me to. The moral of this story is there are times in our Christian walk, that we may feel alienated, lost and lonely. But the good news is, hang on, for the Lord sees you and he truly will bless you for being one of his faithful followers. The biggest blessing of all will be the day we go home to eternity, the best resort and resting place of all!


    PS.. one week to moving day.. man I got alot to do! Keep praying for me! Thanks!
  8. Oh, good, you said when moving day is. I've been praying for a "not sure when" day! *hehe!*

    Great time of witnessing to your God and being FAITHFUL to the One Who holds us in His mighty hands.!

    Have you considered that maybe you were the 'regular', normal person there, and all the rest were the aliens? *just a thought! hee!*

    Bless you heaps!

    - BM
  9. Have you considered that maybe you were the 'regular', normal person there, and all the rest were the aliens? *just a thought! hee!*

    Bless you heaps

    Love it Bondman.. super idea! I am going with your thought !
    Have a super day!
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #34 (Final in our "Blood of Jesus" Series. Starts at #14.)


    The Church, Your Tithe and You

    There are many who like the idea of tithing and many who do. Back in The Inner Room we looked at the fact that TITHING is NOT part of New Covenant (New Testament) in Jesus' blood. And that you are NOT robbing God by not tithing, which is Old Covenant (Old Testament), and finally that tithing that as it's done today is a man-made invention because there's nothing like it ANYWHERE in the Bible. It's been strongly taught by church leaders for generation after generation, particularly in America - to get money into the church.

    So we must ask: "Is this of God?" No, a lot of the time it's of MAN. We can find church after church after church - particularly the large and so called "successful" ones - where most of the money goes on church trappings, then most of the rest goes on "feeding" and supposedly "teaching" Christians.

    I deliberately used the quotes there because in so many of these large churches a VERY small number in the congregation ever reach maturity in Jesus - because the teaching is error-ridden, just plain poor, or the pastors are not mature themselves (far too common)! Okay, that's rather a sad litany of bad 'stuff', I know, but if we continue to kid ourselves about our churches, then we're kidding ourselves too - and I would find that absolutely TRAGIC!!!

    I've already shown you figures here in #16 The Blood Of Jesus is Crying Out for JUSTICE" how 94% of church income is spent on home Christians, and just ½ of 1% on the MOST UNREACHED. Criminal I think I called that - and it is!! So considering that it's a FACT that Western churches give virtually NOTHING towards the COMPLETELY UNREACHED, I'm going to ask this straight out, because I believe God wants me to: "Why are you giving money to have much, if not most of it wasted, and basically none of it to be used to tell this lady and her little bub that Jesus LOVES them?"


    LET'S GET PRACTICAL. Suppose you wanted to give around 10% of your income to the Lord (more is fine; so is less if you simply cannot manage it). You could use this practical test: how many MATURE Believers are in the church? If there are some, then the church is maybe doing some decent teaching. Maybe I'd give ¼ of my giving to the church to support this work. If hardly a mature person in sight - then I'd likely give very little if any to the church. Consider: the church is very unlikely to collapse if you stop giving to it. However the lady above is going to hell unless we get the Gospel Message to her!!!

    To me the PRIORITIES of this shout to my heart because they're CLEARER than the finest CRYSTAL!!! I've LONG believed we need to give directly to reach the MOST UNREACHED - and PRAY for those we give to and towards. If you choose Gospel for Asia, then the highly-trained guys and gals there (Missionaries!!) will MAKE our money COUNT!!!

    Every cent will reach the destination you designate it for. They'll do all the work, and cheap as dirt as well! Only 2 things for us to do: just GIVE and PRAY!! This is IS OF GOD and it's LIFE-CHANGING to the recipients of our LOVE and our CARE (recent stats show they won to Christ and DISCIPLED over half a million in a year - that's sure a LOT of people into God's Kingdom!!)

    But they're all poor as poor and CANNOT do it without we do our 2 parts (give and pray)! Christmas is coming soon. We'll give no gifts to anyone here. Instead, adding to our normal monthly gift, we'll be giving the just over 4 figures we've saved out of our pensions towards work amongst the MOST UNREACHED in Northern India (i.e., mostly "Untouchable" Dalits). Along with pairs of chickens and rabbits, I think we'll give some of it towards the amazing Bridge of Hope!! These are schools that GFA has set up mostly for Dalits, to EDUCATE the NEVER ever ever ever been EDUCATED before!!!


    Life Changing!!!! 1. It's FREE! 2. They're taught in English, to give them a chance of a job to get them out of their poverty and virtual slavery. 3. Given uniforms. 4. At least one healthy meal each day. 5. Medical checkup annually. 6. Taught about Jesus! 7. Then they go home and share with their parents what they've learnt. Many parents get converted this way! Numbers of new churches have been planted via a Bridge of Hope School being started!! *love it!!*

    That's why we'll probably give a number of Child Hope Packets (gift ANY amount, or $50 for the full packet) HERE. Also Bibles (cheap!!) and Radio Programs - CURRENTLY on the same page. And PLENTY other things to give to. We go through it all and get EXCITED at what we can give to this time!! Feels truly WONDEFUL!!! And we LOVE to give a little towards a Jesus Well (clean, fresh water for a whole village! - believers and unbelievers - for the first time ever!!!) We "sort of" just ASSUME water like this, don't we...

    Well that's "The Church, Your Tithe, and You." I've done my best to help you to use your love gifts to the Lord God to BEST POSSIBLE EFFECT for eternity!! It's now over to you. It often seems to take people quite a deal of time to make the decision and to act on such things as this. Will you permit me to urge you to DO IT NOW!!! Thankyou!


    With all of our love!!

    - BM (with his Lady)

    EDIT: Oh, gotta share - awesome! Beloved has a beautiful Govt. Carer. But she's sort of New Age - and has always vibed to us, "Don't talk about Christianity!" But she recently told us that we're v. unususal and different. That was a forward step! Then we got our GFA Christmas Catalogs. She knows we give to the Dalits, and we were talking about this years' Catalog, when out of the blue she said: "Well, how about we give to them instead of giving gifts to each other!!! After we'd picked ourselves off the floor we excitedly agreed!!

    So we have an unbeliever adding to Christmas gifts to our Dalit friends!!!

  11. That's wonderful about your new government worker, BM. It sounds like she has been whispered to by the Holy Spirit. Whatever works.

    I loved your last few messages. Never knew that about the three wisemen. I also found out that they (or he, whatever) didn't arrive for the birth of Jesus, but after He was much older. ??

    I wished you would have gone into more detail about the salvation prayer thing. I think I know what you were trying to say, but it wasn't plain. Thanx for carrying on, BM. Hugz, Sweets
  12. "Whispered to by the Holy Spirit" - I do love that!!

    Yes, you're right about the Wise Men, who saw Jesus in a HOUSE. So it seems time had gone past (Jesus certainly was not still in a manger). This is in Matthew Ch 2:11. The verses before are interesting: after they left Herod, the star led them to the house (click) Matthew 2:9-11.

    What you didn't quite get, were you meaning You and Me - Decisions, hon? Please tell me the Message and maybe what you'd like more explanations about.


    - BM
  13. Sorry, BM. I didn't click on the "look here" that you had in the body of your post until just now. I found out what I was questioning in the other post.

    Thus BELIEVING IN Jesus, having FAITH in Him, and TRUSTING Him -- means ALL OF YOU and all of your life belonging TOTALLY to JESUS. Not PART, not just the parts that SUIT US - but EVERYTHING!!! This is why I've written often that we don't just have a BELIEF IN Jesus, but MUST MAKE HIM our LORD over ALL of our LIFE!!! If you want CERTAINTY of where you stand with God and ASSURANCE OF A PLACE IN HEAVEN, then nothing less than this will do!!

    This is the part I was looking for. It was really good to read again.
  14. Okay, Sweets! Long as we're sorted, that's great.

    It's not easy to keep in your mind all the things that you want to about the Lord and living the Christian life, is it? I've always said that one thing's certain: it's sure never boring being a Believer!!

    Much love (and prayer)!

    - BM
  15. [​IMG]

    I believe the Lord's saying that Disciple! is winding down - so I thought you may allow me to share with you from my own life a story (that I find quite astonishing).

    I hope you may find it an encouragment into your life!

    - BM
  16. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #35


    Teaching in a School in Far North Queensland... a Wonderful Discipleship Story!

    I want this to encourage YOU to greater things!! The first Discipling I did was almost exactly 40 years ago (late 1960's). I was around 30 years old, and teaching 10-12 year old Primary children. During Teacher Training the Lord had given me a Vision for the hearts [​IMG] and lives of my FUTURE pupils. Once settled into teaching I set about the process of starting an afterschool Meeting to tell my pupils about Jesus! I hit an impenetrable wall. Took almost a year to wear down those who were saying "No!" to my Vision!


    But the next year the meetings started. Can you guess what I started teaching them? Doctrine and Practice from the New Testament of course!! (I know you're shocked and surprised!! *haha!!*) The children were from non-churched homes and knew almost NOTHING! So I started with "Who is God". But just 3 or 4 meetings in (I hadn't even GOT to Jesus!) three kids rocked up and said they wanted to accept Jesus!!! I was stunned! (seems they knew 'just enough' from Sunday School).

    Meetings continued and more came to the Lord. I was TOTALLY 'winging it', but as soon as there were new converts my spirit said,"I have to TEACH them how to live the Christian life!" I started a Tuesday lunchtime meeting just for the converts. I taught them how to pray, read the Bible, what it meant to live as a Christian. Like SPONGES, they soaked this all up, even coming to me before and after school asking questions!!! Just 10 and 11 years old - how ASTONISHING!!!


    I had NO IDEA that I was "discipling" them!! My heart simply said, "TEACH THEM!!" So I DID! It was years afterwards the church 'rediscovered' discipling - and I saw what I'd been doing!! I continued discipling the best kids when they went to High School. I offered to teach them a musical instrument for FREE! Their unbelieving parents jumped at this, brought them to our place each Saturday, I taught music - then we Discipled!! (do you just love it!!)

    But during their High School I left far North Queensland and teaching (because of my ill-health),and came way down South to Brisbane. So now what? How to DISCIPLE them now?? No problemo!! It was the early '70's by now, and we just wrote 10 and 12 page letters back and forth about the Lord. I was training them for LIFE!!


    They continued to grow in the Lord. Now in 2009 they are married, have kids who belong to the Lord, who in turn have little children they are bringing up to love Jesus!!! 2 Timothy Ch 2:2 And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. See, the Scriptures are TRUE and they do WORK!!!

    Some went into full-time service for God. WOW!! But the story continues: the Meetings I started way up North were ultimately copied by others, and so a new work started for Primary Age children. I was asked to head up the Committee running it. Then my health collapsed, I had to resign, went to bed for 3 years, and eventually quite lost touch with the work I'd started here in our large State of Queensland.


    Meantime, during the 1980's I was in bed twice for some years (and in hospital). I read the Scriptures A LOT!! At one point, over and over the Lord told me this strange thing via His Word, that:"I would be the father of many children around the world." I took "children" to mean adults, as it usually does in the Bible, but I was ill and in bed so what on earth did He mean...

    Maybe 15 more years passed with NO CLUES. I was talking by phone to the man who I had to fight to start my Meetings initially. He told me that my Meeting format had gone to other Australian States, then to other countries. I was stunned!! But there was more! Still from Queensland this children's work GREW - via people who had initially been one of my converts, came to the Lord through them, or had got involved in the growing work!


    That is, my VISION had been taken up by OTHERS (unknown to me), and had grown into a WORLDWIDE work for CHILDREN, with a Queensland lady as the World Head!!! (they even get Muslim kids converted!!!) It reaches into far-flung places around the world like Chile, Russia, Nigeria, and even the Middle East! Our Queensland lady travels the world constantly where she meets with children's workers from countries all over the world.

    They share, help and support each other, prepare new teaching ideas, pray, and most of all encourage each other. This stared with just one man who was no marvellous Christian, but had a burning Vision to reach for the Lord Jesus the children he taught. You can see where it led!!!! Apparently, today I am the father of many children around the world *total, utter shock!* - just like the Lord's prophecy!!! MY PRAYER: that this will encourage YOU to keep learning and finding what He wants you to do!!!

    - BM (with his Lady)

  17. Great story and yes you are the father of me.. whoo hoo! and under me many people who have come to know who the Lord is.

    Hmmm finding what he wants me to do.. an ongoing of prayer and learning to sit and not run ahead of God that is what I am to do.. you know the struggle as I look out my office window.. but for now I am right where God wants me to be with a job that pays the bills and allows me to do ministry work in the evenings and week-ends and he uses me at my employed job every day.

    Disciple winding down.. hmmm then what's next?
    God is so good!
  18. For the Moment, No Perfect One

    Wrote this last night and thought I would share with you Bondman.. you know me..

    For the Moment, No Perfect One

    Jeepers! I just did not know what to title this little blog post as. I had so many choices to choose from- For the Moment, No Perfect One, Love is Blind and the list goes on.

    First and foremost just so you know, I should be packing up my apartment to move as Saturday is moving day. As I sit here, admist half packed boxes, I said no, I have to write these thoughts down.

    So ladies and gents too, grab your coffee cup and read on!

    I will set the stage first. We have 3 characters in this post, Mr. A, Mr. B and Mr. C.
    Oh, and I will tell you, that I am a single divorced woman who was seeking love in all the wrong places, until I found Jesus.

    Meet Mr. A. I met him on the street in front of my house one morning as he was picking up cans from the garbage bins. I thought he was homeless, but found out he had a room in a local boarding home, had just gotten out of prison last December and had found his salvation with the Lord. God was so good in bringing Mr. A into my life as he ended up being the handyman and did all the painting and work done at my new apartment. I wanted to bless him for his work, so I stopped by to give him some money. As he came out the door, his head was hanging low. I said “what’s up”? He said please do not be mad at me, my girlfriend is upstairs and she is pregnant. Why would I be mad was my response? Here was a man that loved the Lord, prayed all the time with me and was working on changing his life around. His comment was “Love is blind”. I thought to myself – no Lust is Blind! Now mind you, I am not judging Mr. A for the predicament he is in, as we all get tempted and some are stronger than others when those moments come.
    So just for a moment, Mr. A had his pleasure and now the consequences are a child on the way to a woman who already has 5 kids. He had this girlfriend for 3 weeks and was hiding it from me for whatever reason, not that it is any of my business what he does, but I think he knew he was not living for God and maybe was ashamed to share that?

    Meet Mr. B. I met him 3 years ago when I was just starting to hear about the saving grace of Jesus. We prayed together went to church together, but still had our “just for the moment” sinning ways. As our relationship continued, I was the biggest snoop queen of all because I did not know the Lord and trusted no one. Throughout my old snoop days and looking at his cell phone bill, I saw where he would frequently be calling a past woman from his life. There was a lot of muck and mire going on. As I searched for God and God revealed so much to me, this relationship ended. However, tonight as well as last week my cell phone rang with calls from Mr. B. Now mind you he has a new girlfriend but is calling me stating they are “just friends” and it is ok to call me... hmmmmm
    In my lust days, I was blind, but now with Jesus in my heart, my eyes are wide open to God’s love for me. I no longer need to be on the receiving end of “just for the moment” calls. I actually was strong tonight and did not answer.

    Meet Mr. C, who is a great friend of mine, I met through the ministry. He is a single father of two teenage girls who now live with their mom. When I first met him, he did not even like to receive a hug.

    He is a quiet soul but hurting within. As I was walking through Wal-Mart to get a new coffee maker, my cell rang and it was Mr. C. He stopped by my new apartment to see how things were going. We chatted and visited and I prayed with him for the situation going on in his life. I sometimes just wish he was a little more talkative, as you can tell by my writings; I love to talk... lol! We shared of the struggles and frustrations of life.

    I got to say, he is a handsome one. He stated you know, it is one year this month that we met through the ministry. As I write this, I thought the old Robin would have been doing more in a year than an occasional hug and talking.

    Now that we got a little background on Mr. A, Mr. B, Mr. C, I just sat back and gave the Lord thanks for opening my eyes. You see for way to long, I was looking for Mr. Right.
    Yes a man, the perfect man to make me happy. When the Lord opened my eyes and I was no longer living in lust and just for the moment, my life completely changed.

    I realize no one is perfect. I realize I cannot be the judge at all. But I do know that Jesus is perfect, he is my Mr. Right and he is the judge of all people. I love my new boyfriend!
    He never leaves me, he never cheats on me, and he is always there when I call out to him.
    Yes, with my new “boyfriend”, Jesus, there will never be “just for the moment”. No it will be a lifetime of joy and peace even on my darkest days.

    So for Mr. A, Mr. B and Mr. C, thank goodness there is a Lord that gives us unconditional love and forgiveness. I pray for each of these men that God brought into my life, that they can all come to have a loving relationship with our Lord and when temptations of the world come to them, that they shall resist and flee.

    For me, I just sit still and patiently wait for God to bring my husband to me, the perfect one he has chosen. It says in God’s word, he who finds a wife, finds a good thing. Just wait until he meets me! I have been enjoying the journey with more discernment in my life now and allowing God to reveal his will , not mine.

    Thank you Jesus! Ok back to packing now!

    Hugs Faithwoman
  19. It seems like my life has been so boring compared to yours! *kidding!*

    I hope you know there is no perfect husband, no perfect wife. They can be the one Jesus chose for you (that's IF He chooses for you to be married), but perfection in them - NO!! God alone is perfect and Holy!

    You've sure come a long way, dear one!! I suppose I shouldn't be shocked at Mr. B ringing you. What a hide that man has. (I could suggest that he's lucky I'm not around or he'd get a flea in his ear quick-smart. I hope you told him, "No, it is NOT alright to ring me!")

    Considering these three men, I know of just One Person Who can give us the protection we need when temptations come. Those who do not know to be Jesus' person, and get filled with the Spirit of the living God, and to pray daily to be being FILLED with the Spirit, are living in a danger zone!

    He is the One Who brings God's power into our lives to enable us to say, a firm "NO!" every time temptation comes.

    "Thankyou Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit to us after You went back to Your Father. He is plain fantastic the POWER He can bring into the weakness of our human frame. We CAN be strong because of Him!!"

    Bless you in your packing and shift, sweetie!

    - BM
  20. You certainly DO appear to be exactly where He wants you to be!! 'Tis GOOD!!

    - BM

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