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  1. Yesterday we discussed Wisdom. Today can we discuss discernment?
    Why is discernment a gift? Shouldn't we all want discernment?
  2. Discernment is the ability to make judgments as to whether something is good or evil, of the Lord or of the enemy.

    1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 is about discernment.

    In the New American Standard it reads:

    But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil.

    King James uses the word ‘Test’ instead of 'Examine':

    but test everything; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.

    Both 'examine' and 'test' are active in that it is a particular effort made, not a passive expectation that the worth of something will be apparent at first glance..

    This is beyond the simple applying of what we learned from our parents (or other care giver) regarding knowing what is proper. In the Christian’s case, it is augmented by the Spirit.

    As far as whether we should want this gift:

    I believe that the potential for every gift of ability resides in every believer, but differences in our lives make them bear fruit to differing extents.

    All believers have the Spirit which is the source of the gifts indwelling in themselves, but it takes patience (another gift) and perseverance (yet another).

    It is a mercy and a measure of God’s providence that each of us does not grow our spiritual gifts evenly and each to a maximum extent. The varying textures of our gifts bind us together, with the abilities of one complimenting with the needs of those around. None exhibit all gifts to the maximum. Each of us needs to be joined to other believers so that each of us contributes according to The Spirit to the whole.
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  3. Greetings CoffeeDrinker
    We all have the inner witnesses of the Holy Spirit but it takes learning to yield unto Him.

    Now then there is also a gift of discernment that every believer should be praying for, especially in these crazy days where you never know what is going to be stuck in a message as filler or thinner to please the people.

    Pastor taught me how important it is that we truly open ourselves up to the Father and ask that He would show us what is of Him and what is not.

    In today's world we have Christians running around blaming God for the devils doings and saying things that are really of God as the devils doings.

    Yes mam seek discernment and developers that inner witnesses.
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  4. There is really only one thing to discern, and that is the truth. We may think we also discern what is not true, but in fact it is simply vacant.
    As a gift, discernment is a direct knowing of what is true. It is finding the truth which releases unconditional love for it.

    However, there is another way of accessing the truth, and that is by unconditional love.
    So do not worry if you do not have the gift of discernment, for unconditional love will lead you to be true.

    In both cases each has access to truth and love.

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