disaster u won't escape

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    SCIENTISTS are reeling from the latest data released by NASA, revealing that average temperatures in February have smashed a century of global records by a “stunning” margin.
    World temperatures were warmer last month than any month in history, raising further concerns about a “climate emergency”.

    We all like to think its just another warm day,
    but what will the world be like if 2017 is the hottest year on record
    and then 2018 is even hotter etc
    If the crops fail across Europe and the US it will be a disaster for your wallet when fast food
    triples in price or supermarket shelves are empty of fresh food for a year,
    no oranges apples tomatoes carrots beans you name it.
    of course right now there is a greenhouse effect, lots of sun, lots of carbon, lots of rain
    and that is producing bumper crops of wheat etc,
    but when the temperature rises too much it will kill the plants, bake the soil,
    if it rains it floods and then dries out in weeks if not days...
    the world is radicalised by disaster.
  2. You know, in the 70's it was all "new ice age coming" - exact same verbiage as today, different direction. See, the governments look to keep the sheople in check. To do that they must instill fear. Case in point, no greater fear than death (to the lost): great strides in science and yet no curses in decades, only advancements in keeping the people alive by using their drugs funded by mass marketing. With marketing, no need for cures, no incentives to cure anyone, because of the love of money...

    Don't worry about it, God is still in 100% control.

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