Disappointment vs. Thankfulness

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  1. Disappointment vs. Thankfulness

    The Spirits of Disappointment and Take-it-for-Granted

    Would like to see thanksgiving forced-out and supplanted

    These twin emissaries of the enemy may seem benign
    But when they arrive, your life becomes a whine

    Like the old step-mother Lilith, impossible to please.
    She sends out her first progeny to afflict and to seize.

    It's a sad day indeed for these demons are so hateful
    All happiness is lost when we forget to be grateful

    When we forget to thank God for our Family and our Home,
    Our Food, Friendships, and Education – our hearts start to roam

    Our jobs and relationships, it all turns crappy
    But a thankful heart is truly contented and happy

    So let us instead appreciate all the blessings He has given
    Looking upon the bright side and let the darker be out-driven

    For these twins of inflicted pessimism have a darker plan
    They call to a Legion of their brothers, to join them inside of man…

    We thank you Lord for the many blessings we receive.
    And greatest of all is the happiness of those who believe.

    So let's repent our disappointment and our sense of entitlement.
    Taking God's robe of joy in exchange for our dreary habiliment
  2. Very gifted in the holy spirit Dan

    God bless

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