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  1. dinosaurs

    maybe there is a message without words there.there is a hunter of evil motives,and a pack of peaceful who stick together.we know the triceritops had great power but only used it if being surpressed.:)
  2. I guess there can be good and bad in everything and always a lesson if we pay attention and our heart finds it~
  3. It may be all in the way you look at it Mike. A predator like that is just being his natural self. God made him a hunter and when their are no hunters the prey tend to overpopulate then get diseased and or starve. It all has a balance.
  4. balance in this world.not in our new home.:)
  5. When that day comes all will be at peace! the lion with the lamb, the Tyranasour with the Triceratops!:D
  6. People say that dinosaurs are millions of years old, but the earth isn't that old is it ??
  7. I definatly dont believe the earth is millions of years old. Especially when they found Dinosaur footprints and Human footprints in the same sedimentary layer of rock. That would mean that they are the same age. Dinosaur might very well have lived along with man. I cant wait to find out from God himself.
  8. According to Gods word, the world is only arround 6000 years old.
  9. Anybody hear of the COSO-Geode?

    These people dug up a rock "millions" of years old. There was something odd about the rock, so they cut it open.

    There was spark-plug inside.:eek: A Champion Spark-plug!

    If the earth is "millions" of years old...how did a champion sparkplug get into a rock that old?

    Google Image it...there's a pic of the geode floating around out there. It's pretty interesting.

    They've also found batteries, hard drives, etc...all of them "millions" of years old.:rolleyes:
  10. Too funny!!!!!
    Also, carbon dating loses it's reliability the older something is!

  11. And pertrified trees are m-i-l-l-i-o-n-s of years old- so where do the pertified fence poles they found in the mid west come from. Or how about the tree with only it's botton half petrified?
  12. Ancient super-advanced civilizations that used to have summer homes on Earth until we stopped being fashionable?
  13. Ufo's and wrestling are real!:eek::p

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