Dinner for 2 nite :)

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  1. I use allrecipes for everything since I moved out of my parents!

    We gotta swap ideas :) I'll need to start posting the meals that I have made on here!

    #singleladystatus :p
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  2. I've probably referred to this before but can't resist:

    We had…two fine Codds boiled with fryed Souls around them and oyster sauce, a fine sirloin of Beef roasted, some peas soup and an orange Pudding for the first course,

    for the second we had a lease of Wild Ducks roasted, a fork of Lamb and salad and mince pies.’​

    (The Diary of A Country Parson)
  3. When I've been on my own, I've usually been even less inclined (I like the end products more than I do cooking) to cook something. Mass production was the way! Unfortunately, I never had a freezer so we're maybe talking a 3 day in a row stew.

    A book that may interest you is Delia Smith's "How To Cheat At Cooking". I've not used it (didn't know of it at the time) and it seems to get mixed reviews but as far as I understand it, it aims to give short cuts. You may need to translate a bit from UK to US but may be worth a look.
  4. Haha, I think I'll be fine with the UK to the US :p

  5. After having cabbage and egg whites to eat today, I can say this recipe looks very good!
  6. It was a knock out dish Where! mmmmmmmmmmm. And guess what? Deer season just opened up 10-28 -14 Can ya smeeeeeellllllllllll what the chili's gonna be cookin!:D:cool::eek:
  7. Tonight the Mrs made garlic chicken with red, roasted spiced potatoes. Yum!

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