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  1. From Matthew 12:31
    “every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.”

    An opinion:
    It is my understanding that Jesus mentioned this, because those people accused him wrongly.

    When a Christian calls out his Christian brother as a…. “slander” : ) it is forgiven.

    But if a Christian calls out his brother that his interpretation is of of the devil…is it blasphemy as well?

    I mean, this is on belief that all Christians have the spirit of Christ dwells in them.

    Similar to being unforgiving will not be forgiven… Matthew 6:15

    That is: if I found someone (or even myself sometimes : ) in a "heretical" interpretation:
    we just disagree…. and ….avoid calling the other one unholy?
  2. From what I understand "balspheming the Holy Spirit" is the act of attributing the works of God to Satan.
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  3. I think that is the general understanding, though I've also heard it was denying the work of the Holy Spirit to such an extent that repentance becomes impossible. I tend to accept your version Glomung because other interpretations tend to read a bit too much into the text.

    The only problem I really have with the idea that it is calling out the interpretation of another Christian is that many interpretations are just blatantly wrong to the extent that they were even addressed in the Bible and many of the false interpretations were "called out" (such as docetism and gnosticism). What the view DOES have going for it is the accusation against a brother concerning their beliefs is often dangerously close to attributing the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives to Satan, so it is something that we must not be careless with.
  4. Speaking of confusing God and Satan, just saw a video of a "Syrian Rebel" (the same mass murdering terrorists our beloved government is sponsoring with millions in cash and weapons) beheading a Syrian Catholic Bishop. Lovely work these folks are doing "in the name of Allah". In the good ole US of A we have a cop arresting a passerby for filming police activity (filming cops is completely legal under all circumstances ) and then said cops murder the man's dog.
    The world is a madhouse and the lunatics are running the place.
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  5. Absolutely correct my brother. The whole world is upside down and totally depraved.

    Men are marrying men, and women are killing their babies seconds before their birth.

    Crazy stuff.
  6. I agree. It seems to me that giving credit to Satan, is the refusal of the Holy Spirit in salvation which is the sin that can not be forgiven.
  7. What about upholding men or self in pride over what God has done? Example: touting about how "I gave -such-n-such- to help so-in-so'; or 'I made/ built/ created/ discovered such-in-such'? (drawing the glory, respect and honor away from God)
  8. That is certainly pride at best, and Blasphemy against God at worst, but I'm not sure it would qualify as Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I think that falls more into the category of "they have their reward".
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  9. I can live with that...
  10. If what the person is saying cannot be found and proved in the Word, if Jesus didn't teach it or do it while He was here on earth, if we can't find the Church in the book of Acts practicing it and if we don't find any teaching about it in the epistles then we reject it as spurious, ...then no, we are commanded by Jesus John 7:24 to judge false teaching, Jesus taught two parables about false teaching, the mustard seed growing into a tree and the birds resting in it and the wheat and the tares, Jesus told us to be careful that we are not deceived Matt 24:4, almost every Book in the New Testament warns us about false teaching, and Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, named false teachers, ...so you are not alone.

    Jesus gave is a model prayer, we are spending intimate time with Father, if during this time we are holding a grudge against some one then the Holy Spirit will convict us and we need to forgive that person in the presence of Father, there are two reasons for this, Father knows it's not good for us to harbor a grudge because a root of bitterness will grow from it and He wants the best for us, second, if He didn't convict us then He wouldn't be Holy in our eyes because we would think we got away with sin, He just looked the other way.

    Slander is murder, character assassination, if there is a problem in the church then Jesus gave us a correct way to deal with it.

    The "only" unpardonable sin is rejecting Jesus, ...not believing what the Holy Spirit has said about our sin nature and our destiny of going to Hell is basically calling the Holy Spirit a liar, hence blasphemy.


  11. Correct!

    The sin of unbelief is the only one which can not be forgiven thus it is the unpardonable sin.
  12. SO, you define the term "Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" as the sin of unbelief? I definitely understand the thought you are getting at, but since I know that you believe in reading Scripture literally, I'm curious how you make that jump without interpreting the words in a way that isn't very literal. No "attack" or debate intended. Just trying to see through your eyes here.
  13. The people is referring to the “work” that they saw: attribute the work to the devil.
    Or do they disdain the man: that they attribute him to the devil

    I agree on both.
    To visualize what I mean by agree on both:
    The” work” is a bigger circle, while the “attribute it to the man” is a small circle inside the big circle.

    Are they guilty of blasphemy then?
    It seems to me it is not clearly stated: it seems to me it’s a warning only to beware of further judging on what they have no idea…
  14. Although am not saying that “rejecting Jesus” means “rejecting salvation” (the chosen people are still rejecting Jesus aren't they?)

    All creation, including those people who said those words: ache for salvation…

    Romans 8:22
    For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.
  15. Ban...........What jump is there to take???

    What attack is there to make???

    Listen my brother......I do not fuss and fight. I communicate!!!! You may not agree but that will not stop me from loving you!

    John 3:6
    "Jesus answered him and said to him, verily, verily, I say unto you that except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God".

    John 14:6
    "Jesus said unto them, I am the way the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except by me".

    Those are literal comments and IMO the original intent of the writer was to explain clearly that Jesus is the only way a man can be saved and go to heaven.

    Therefore, to reject Christ is to reject the Holy Spirit and that dams a man to eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire.
  16. aha said,,,,,,,,,,"Although am not saying that “rejecting Jesus” means “rejecting salvation”".

    I AM because that is exactly what the Scriptures tells us.

    Acts 4:12, John 3:16, John 14:6.

    There is one and only one way to be saved..........."Believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ."

  17. Matthew 12:31 states that the only sin that cannot be forgiven is "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit". There is nothing about that which states that unbelief is unforgivable. We know what Blasphemy is. We know who the Holy Spirit is. So to say that the unforgivable sin is anything but "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" is an interpretation of Scripture. It's a jump. How is that NOT an interpretation. You are interpreting the words "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" to mean "the sin of unbelief". In no language is that literal. I'm just not understanding at all how you can say that is the literal reading.

    To reject Christ is to reject the ministry of the Holy Spirit (or the Holy Spirit directly depending on how that rejection takes place). To grieve the Holy Spirit to the point where you are no longer able to repent of sin entirely would make it impossible to receive Christ, and so there would be no way to be forgiven of your sins. There is nothing wrong with what you are saying, it just isn't what the text says, and I'm trying very hard to understand how you consider that a literal reading.
  18. Probably the most abused subject in the Bible is this one concerning the unpardonable sin. I have read sermons by the greatest preachers in the world who have ever lived and those great men do not agree on this subject.

    Ban......you keep challenging me on "Literal interpretation". As I have explained, not every single verse is literal.
    The Scripture is in Poetic form, Prophetic form and some in Allagorical form. I use Gramatical-literal filter 1st so as to allow the Scripture to interpret itself.

    Now as for the verse in question, Matthew 12:32 the word "unpardonable" must be weighed. As we read the Scripture we see that the word "Unpardonable" is not there, literally.

    "It shall not be forgiven him neither in this world neither in the world to come" .

    Therefore, if there is a sin that shall not be forgiven in this life, then that sin is unpardonable. The word "unpardonable" means "can not be pardoned-the penalty must be paid".

    Please do not misunderstand me, I know that God is manifested in 3 Persons, Father, Son and Spirit. What I am saying here is that we are dealing with the Trinity in their separate offices concerning redemption and mans ability to enter heaven. This is the Dispensation of grace, the dispensation of the Holy Spirit. In this age we now live the Holy Spirit is in the world convicting, and drawing men to Christ. He came at Pentacost and will be here until the Rapture.
    So then, IMO the best definition of this sin we are talking about is that of putting off salvation too long.

    It is rejecting God one time too many. Those who know the Bible know that there is no salvation after death.

    Now that is the literal Word of God.
  19. If I were worried that I had committed the unpardonable sin, then maybe this is a sign that my conscience is sensitive to it that that therefore maybe I hadn't committed it after all.

    What people really need to avoid is a seared conscience.
  20. "Blasphemy" is..........
    "In Jewish Law, cursing God, or reviling God or the king who is God's represenitive; in the latter usage, pronouncing the forbidden name of God. Indignity offered to God, in words, writing, or signs, also claiming the attributes of God."

    So, what did these men do to whom Jesus spoke about "blasphemy"

    Jesus healed the boy possessed with a demon and they said He did it by the power of Beelzebub who is the prince of demons. They attributed the miracle that Jesus did by the Spirit of God to the power of DEMONS> Thus they spoke irreverently against the Holy Spirit. Jesus said later......"If I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God is come unto you".

    Jesus did cast out demons by the Spirit of God but they gave credit to the prince of demons what Jesus did through the 3rd Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Thus they BLASPHEMED the name of God's Spirit.

    The devil desire to dam every soul that he can. Any person who is not a child of God is able then to commit this sin which can not be forgiven if the person dies before coming to Christ. All men who are damned are lost then forever from the family of God.

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