Did You Vaccinate Your Children?

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Did You Vaccinate Your child(ren)

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  1. Did You Vaccinate Your Children?

    I would love to know if you chose to vaccinate your child or not.
  2. We did. It was very important to us that our children be fully vaccinated and that they be kept up to date.
  3. May God be with you.

    Yes I did. That was before I realized that some vaccines are created from aborted babies. Not all of them. Chicken Pox is one.

    I know of some families who home school and refuse to have any of their children vaccinated. Their kids are almost never sick. Part of their home school regimen is regular exersize and specifically running. Also they almost never use refined sugars.

    God bless you!
  4. Specifically which vaccines CWM I have never heard that- it is sad to say that i wouldn't be to shocked-I said it before America is in danger of becoming a frankenstien nation- do you have any info or links on this subject?
  5. Yes, that is news to me too about aborted babies...I'd like to hear more!

    And yes, Mark, we do~
  6. The "Culture of Death" and Chicken Pox...

    [​IMG]erck Pharmaceuticals has given new potency to the phrase "culture of death"-by deriving its new chicken pox vaccine from the cells of aborted babies. American parents, as a result, must ponder whether, as the Catholic World Report put it, "they might be preserved from chicken pox, but infected with an attitude that sees unborn babies as a useful source of spare parts." Most vaccines infect the recipient with a weakened dose of a virus, enabling the recipient's body to build up its own immunity. The chicken pox virus is grown in guinea pig cells and rendered less potent.
    The weakened virus is then grown in the WI-38 and MRC-5 human cell lines. Cell lines begin with undifferentiated cells from human or animal embryos-which are both long-lasting and friendly to viruses. Division is chemically stimulated, and the resulting cultures are kept in stock. To be used for vaccines, cell lines must pass rigorous tests.
    Both FDA-approved cell lines used in the Merck Varivax chicken pox vaccine originated with cells from deliberately aborted babies. MRC-5 was derived from the lung tissue of a 14-week old aborted male; WI-38 from an aborted female. Both have proven safe and stable. (The virus is named for Oka, the Japanese boy who originally contributed the chicken pox. As The Catholic World Report noted, the children who furnished the human cell lines had no names.)..............

    This is horrible!!!

  7. Those people should be in prison-:mad:
  8. nope I havent vacinated my cats... I know Ima bad mommy!:D:D:D
  9. I still believe in the importance of proper medical care but I will be asking questions before any shots are given-
  10. My two older daughters had all their 'routine' infant vaxes. That was before I learned that you shouldn't just take the word of someone (regardless of their credentials), without researching it for yourself.

    The girls won't be receiving any boosters or other vaccines. We will not be vaccinating the new baby at all.
  11. I had my kids vaccinated as children. The routine stuff only. I never wanted the flu vaccine or the chicken pox vaccine. I figured that getting the chicken pox & the flu occasionally would in the end strenthen their immune systems naturally.

    Now I'm glad I didn't give in to the pressure from the schools, and doctors. I'm passing the information on.

  12. It is prudent to vacinate you kids- talk to your Doctor before making such descisions as it may be life or death- perhaps parylisis- pray, discuss, be wise-
  13. Violet,

    I looked at the website and read the article from the URL. I know several people who work for Merck. Here in the Philly area we have many drug companies.

    Unfortunately, the article does not have any of the claims cited. So we are not sure where they are getting the information. Truthfully, I don't doubt it is true, we just can not know that from this article.

    Disease does not just strike those who are not healthy. Many of the tragedies that our forefathers suffered through and many in other countries still suffer through, are now distant memories. I would guess that those choosing to skip the vaccinations will be second guessing if we have an epidemic of mumps or something similar. I think the greater distance between the pain of these diseases, the easier it is to decide to not get them.

    On the flip side, we have become a nation of vaccinations for everything. We now assume girls will be sexually active with multiple partners so parents are being encouraged to get cervix cancer vaccine.

    All these choices place parents in a quandary!
  14. Unfortunately Violet, I believe it's automatically untrustworthy, because it comes from a catholic source.
    Catholathism is screwed up. I don't trust their views on God (example: the mother Mary is equal with God? You can be saved by your works? I think not) Until they get those more serious issues worked out, I refuse to trust their propaganda against abortion.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm completely against abortion, but i don't believe vaccines are made from dead babies. Thats ridiculous.
  15. Jerimiah,

    Catholic souces have been very good when it comes to abortion issues.

    However, this source is a narrative and does not quote from sources.

    Unfortunately, we have now found out that several products have tested the use of byproducts of the abortion industry.
  16. I will have to see what I can find. There are several vaccines that are made from aborted babies. I have the links with credentials somewhere...I'll have to see what I can find. My son is 9 months old and has received his vaccines so far, but he won't be receiving anymore. The 12 month vaccines have been linked to autism (mostly in little boys)...I'll see what links I can find to back that up, as well. I MIGHT let him get his 12 month vaccines when he is 3 or 4, but he is finished for the most part. Vaccinations are far more dangerous than a case of the chicken pox could be in this day and age.

    BTW, I voted yes...but no. LOL
  17. Jessesgirl,

    Thanks, I would love to see the sources. I know that many products are derived from placentas - that are easiest to collect from abortions. It is just awful!
  18. I too just read an article on the link between Autism and the mecury preservative used in some vaccines. Also was stated a link between pesticides and Autism. It wasn't on-line or I would post a link. I truly don't know what to think regarding the chicken pox vaccine claim. That sounds terrible.

    Please continue to share information.
  19. I just found another site regarding the chicken pox vaccine. It tries to "make nice" of the situation. I don't know what to think? Someone help me out here. It is making me sick.

    NNii : Immunization Issue

    I wonder if someone has only had dose one of the vaccine if it will hurt them not to have dose two? And what, as Christians, can we do about this? Should we petition and insist on the use of Molecular Tools that do not require growing the virus in living cells or use of alternative cells lines?
  20. Still looking for the info I have on the vaccines. There is an alternative to all the mainstream vaccines that have the aborted fetus cells in them. Grrr! I can find it...I know I can!

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