Did you see this?

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  1. Did you see this?

    It happened a couple years ago, but the pix was so serious and gripping that I am reposting it. It was at an airshow and the pix was taken seconds before the crash of the jet. The pilot survived despite the fact that it was so close to the ground. You need a certain amount of altitude to deply the parachute.

    Video of Crash

  2. This is why I HATE crowds!!! :eek:
  3. so...am I the only one that looks at that picture and thinks about how much fun that looks?
  4. What a picture- the camera man must have been as scared as the pilot. I took my family to an airshow twice. After seeing some crash footage we never went back.
  5. Ban, hello, wake up now~ :D

  6. Probably so brother. I was a speed freak when I was young, racing cars and motorbikes was what I lived for but I am not sure about that ride! Anyway we don't heal as fast as we used to!
  7. So many thing in life that look like they would be so much fun...it they didn't end in a big splat....
  8. You wonder why they are still popular with the continual bad safety record that they have. I hear people go to events like auto races just to see the crashes.

    Years ago Evel Knievel came to Cincinnati at Kings Island amusment park. He was jumping a bunch of school busses or something. I would never bver go to an event like this - especially after reading about his disasterous jump at Caesars Palace. I won't support someone who risks his life unnecessarily. The popular Steve Irwin did the same thing - only with less risk than Eval - or so I thought.

    Here is the video of the crash. The still photo was probably taken from the tower behind the crash site.

    Video of Crash
  9. That's bad enough but those jets sometimes crash into the crowds incinerating them with burning jet fuel.
  10. There was a big uproar about air shows in Oregon a few years back. One of the jets crashed into a house, pulverizing it. This lady, if I remember right, went out to get something at the store. When she came back, she had no more house left.

    I've been to one air show. I don't know if I'd ever go to another one *shrugs*

    On Simpson's the announcer at an air-show says: "...and now America's favorite waste of tax dollars...the Blue Angels!":eek:
  11. Well, Ban, although it does look like fun, would make a great fair ride, minus the crashing jet and flaming jet fuel.

    Awesome picture and story.

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