Did you give up everything completely to have a relationship with Christ?

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  1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God. Everything in it is inspired by God, or spoken by God Himself. I understand that the only people who will go to Heaven are those who have a relationship with Christ. You must be His sheep. There are so many views on how to get saved. Some say that you just have to put your faith in Christ and accept the Gospel, and you will be saved. There are Bible verses on that as well, though I am not sure exactly which ones. It is in Romans.
    Another view is that you need to give up everything in order to have a relationship with Christ. Everything that you own must be given away, and you must deny all your desires, hopes dreams and all.
    There are also other views. My question to you guys is: Have you given up everything completely to have a relationship with God? What did you do? I understand that some people here have had some truly awesome experiences with Christ, and I especially want to hear from them. But I want all of you guys' input on the subject. Thank you :)
  2. I gave up my way to follow after Jesus' way. That's pretty all-encompassing.

    My way was to seek out my own happiness and a spouse that I thought I would want. When I kept getting my heart broken and suffered great rejection time after time, I realized that God had another plan that is opposed to my own. I got on my knees one June evening and asked the Lord to take my life and even if I was to remain single the rest of my life, I would do so with Him. Nothing else mattered. I meant business (although I had been saved since I was 10 years old).

    In August I met a very old friend who was a Christian and went to my church who asked me out. I didn't have any feelings about him one way or another, and agreed to go out with him as a friend. As he walked away, I spoke to myself, "There's my husband." It was a matter-of-fact assertion, not a heart's cry.

    We were married 4 months later...almost 40 years ago.

    God didn't have me wait too long, did He? I do believe it was because He knew my heart was resolute in following hard after Him, no matter what.
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  3. So I need to give my dreams aspirations, and desires to have a relationship with God?
    P.S. Congratulations on your marriage, even though it was forty years ago.
  4. You cannot buy your way into heaven. God requires that you accept the sacrifice of Jesus as the payment for your failure to live perfectly. God asks that you give your life to Him. If you give your life to him, you are a steward of Christ. As a steward of Christ, you are accountable for rightly handling the things He has given you. This accountability is not whether you will be punished for failure, but how you will be rewarded.

    Many Christians are asked to give up something that they truly want. This is always a chance to grow our trust in the Lord. God does this to strengthen our love for Him by laying what we value 'at His feet', by which I mean realize that it is no longer ours.
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  5. Juk, Jesus said this......

    Mat 13:44 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.
    Mat 13:45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:
    Mat 13:46 Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

    When a man / woman come to Jesus Christ and experiences his love and Wisdom in which he gives, that person is willing to do anything to keep, or to get more.
    It is easy to let everything go when you have the Lord as your great pearl. Nothing compares to the joy and peace he gives. When you give up your things, and even your life, the Lord gives back much more than you gave. It is a win win situation, we can't loose.
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  6. Never! However, we need to give the helm of our lives to God, for it is He who gives us those very desires and he alone knows the best way to have them come to fruition.

    In my case, I gave up the active search for God's best, and told Him I was willing to wait until He brought the right man into my life---if there was one---when He desired, and when He deemed me ready.

    I believe the secret to truly having a satisfying life in Christ is our complete yieldedness.
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  7. NOTHING Juk. No one gives up anything to be saved. Now once you are actually saved the Holy Spirit in you will certainly convince you of some things that you will give up because you are now saved and that varies from person to person.

    For Some it is illicit sex activity. Some it is cursing. Some it is homosexual activity. For some it is drugs. Those things become very easy to leave behind once Christ has saved you.
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  8. I don't think you need to give up your dreams or aspirations to be saved and have a relationship with God.. But are you ready to give them up for relationship with God? That is the question to answer. God sees the heart.. Doing something regretfully is different from having total desire in heart, but not given a chance to actually do it.. God sees our heart..
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  9. True. But there are some sins that are harder to give up for me. They are anger and lust. I found that those sins are very weakening.
  10. I want to yield completely to God.
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  11. I don't have much to give up now. I quit my favorite game, Pokemon, for God. Now, all I want to do is fellowship with God through reading the Bible and fitness.
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  12. Giving things up to God is a concept I never got. How does one give something up to God? Do they just go through mortification?
  13. When we yield our will and ways to God's, we will find bit by little bit that the things that enthralled us before no longer have such an appeal. That is how God works in us, as He has taken up residence in us. We simply need to follow after those new-found impulses and senses and not oppose them, being sensitive to the fact that it is God's ways that are taking the lead, and that He has our potential as kids of the Kingdom in mind.
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  14. The Lord will reward you give up, not with eternal life, but will give you much more than you can imagine.
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  15. I think that the biggest thing that God wants is you. As you commit all of your hopes, and dreams and talents to Him...He will lead and guide you. He is the one that gave you, your talents, and puts hopes and dreams in your heart. And as you trust Him to show you how to use those gifts for His glory...then you will be in the center of His will.

    I have made the decision to follow God at all costs. Obeying Him, and leaving the consequences to Him. To make His Word (obeying His Word) final authority in our lives. God does not want anything else in our lives to be more important than He is. Some people make people, or jobs, or money, or whatever more important than God. God does not like that. He will not be angry with us, but His heart cries and is sad.

    Blessings little man!
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  16. You gave up pokemon for God right?
  17. Yup :)
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  18. I love how God is so relatable to us. But what do you mean by committing all things to God? I'm sorry. When it comes to things like this, I gotta have specific definitions because it is just so important. This could be the root of my problem.
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  19. I agree. After I came to Christ, Pokemon was so boring. I want to destroy my 3ds, but my mom said not to throwit out. I wanted to drop it from the window. This is because I still play super smash Bros but that game is also very boring. I want to get into sports. I already have started working out.
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  20. I want to quit video games altogether.
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