Did You Ever Wonder ?

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Dusty, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Did You Ever Wonder ?

    I have often wondered how come others who are not believers pray and seem to have rapid recoveries from hospital situations .

    A survey in a number of studies found people who pray seem to have fewer problems in life, less stress and lower blood pressures. Now I am wondering , why ? Who were these people praying to ?

    Not all prayer is offered to God . Prayer is not the answer - God is the answer.

    We as believers should not be looking to prayer bur looking to God through prayer . And we can say that prayer is the vehicle by which we reach God.

    In Acts 12:5...….So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.

    We see Peter in prison but “ earnest” prayer was made to God by the church . I think by earnest prayer it was not some flippant “ God undertake to get Peter out of prison” but a prayer with agony .

    This is the kind of prayer we need to have “ a storm – the – throne – of God “ kind of prayer . When we search for God we will find Him it we search with all our heart.

    Jeremiah 29: 13 . You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart

    The idea is not two people praying ( and this is just an example) for a rolls Royce that God will give it to them , but two people are agreeing with the same burden asking God for His will in the matter and agreeing with the Spirit of God and with each other .

    That is also a very valuable reason why we pray for and with other believers .

    Questions arising from this thought :

    How do I feel about praying with passion ? Am I comfortable literally crying out to God and stretching myself toward Him ? And – Do I search for Him with all my heart , or an I a bit reserved ?

    These are questions I ask myself in pondering today and don’t necessarily have to be answered by others but can be a tool for each of us to ask ourselves .

  2. I don't think God is answering the prayers of unbelievers. But believers, freinds and family could be praying for them. Also some sickness are psychosomatic. So if they think if they pray then they will be better , then they will.
  3. "For God so loved the world .."
  4. Hmm .... That's a valid thought but I was thinking more on the line that satan can heal as well and I am thinking about those who go to these shrines and crawl up the stairs and put on holy water ( in my estimation no water is holy ) and some do receive healing .

    Non- Christians who pray regularly are also more disciplined and take for example the muslims who pray at the exact times every day . It is a proven survey that those who do that do have less stress in their lives .

    Suffice to say , that is not why we pray cause we can talk to a living God who hears and answers and has a relationship with us . But was just curious that those who do pray out of obligation do get answers. and do live less stressful lives and was wondering why .

  5. Dusty, i find when this topic is brought up it is important to stay grounded in the truth . What scriptures speak of this? and what kind of healing is spoken of in those passages?
  6. Thank you Michael . I don't know of any scripture and you are right we need to always back out thoughts with scripture .

    I guessI was just curious as to why non- believers seem to have healing and have seen in hospital where those of other religions pray and their recovery is quicker than those who don't . I guess I will stay cuious .... LOL .... You know what they say " Curiosity killed the cat " So this cat will go take a nap ...... He he .
  7. Jesus is the Great Physician our Healer and brings LIFE, and satan only steals, kills and destroys.

    John 10:10
    The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly

    So I would have to respectfully disagree.
  8. I have never heard that before about the world having less stress. They drink theirself silly, take drugs and commit suicide. So to me it looks like they have more. There is no other god that answers prayer but out God for there is no other god, all are idols and false. Our God has many promises but they are for His children, not the world.

    So those who are not unbelievers or of another faith who is may appear to get answered prayer, perhaps its because its they pray and leave it at that, instead of continue to worry and fret. That will kill you. Just a thought
  9. Hello Dusty,
    Come to think of it, I don't recall reading if this forum has a preferred version of Scripture:eek:hno01:

    While this quote does not directly mention healing in the sense of broken legs, cancer, influenza etc. it does discuss Satan's role in our well being. Notice that Jesus said "IfSatan................." So I conclude 2 things here:
    1 it is not certain that Satan can heal*
    2. Since Jesus was working through the power of God, then those 'sons' were only healing (casting out unclean spirits) by the power of God..in otherwords, in every case it is God who heals. not Satan

    *We know from Job's ordeal that Satan can, under permission from God inflict disease on people, but only with the Lord's express consent. cf Job 2:1-7

    Thinking of the other points you raise, We all have a 'God' sized space that only God can fill. But if that space is empty, perhaps through prayer to 'the unknown god' we can empty out some of our burdens(for a time) and thus unencumbered, our bodies and souls get some respite. Just a thought poorly expressed.

    Hope this helps
  10. Calvin

    Thanks for posting that verse.
    I thought of it earlier but forgot it when I came back to post.

    Matt 12:26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

    A house divided against itself cannot stand. That was the point I was trying to make

    The seven sons of Sceva tried to cast out the devil but because the did not know God the devil really did a job on them
  11. Thanks Calviin .... That makes sense . However I did not say satan could heal . I just wondered if there was a possible answer as to why others do get better faster than the same patients who never pray .

    I suppose that will remain a mystery but I did read the article ( and now I don't have it ) where people 's blood pressures and lives became less stressful because they prayed .

    In other words maybe I should say that prayer is not the answer ..... God is . People other than Christians who pray have their hopes in prayer if that makes sence not in God who answers prayer .... I guess that's the only way I can sdescribe it and I guess I will leave it at that. We offer our prayers to God and are looking to God for answers to prayer .
  12. Hmm.... maybe so ... Dusty stop wondering !!!!!!
  13. LOL we wonder about alot of things. And some things we won't know until we get to heaven :)
  14. Yah you are right . I just received this in my email about prayer so thought I would tack it on here ;

  15. Mt 5:45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. [rain was a good thing back then ;-) ]

    If God did not have mercy on the unjust, we'd all be dead. We should not be surprised that God answers prayers of those who don't believe in Him. His mercy is greater than what we can imagine it to be.
  16. Well bob, I agree.
    God answered my prayer in a time where I was highly doubtful of His existence, in fact I believe it went something like this
    "If you are real, if you show me I will listen" something like that.
    Anyway it was only about a month in total and man did He show me.
    The only faith I really had at that time was "If He is real, He will answer it"

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