Did I Make The Right Choice?

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  1. Hello!

    I am new to the website! Well I recentlly broke up with my boyfriend of three years. We are both Christians and have had an amazing relationship. The first year we were together I lived in the same state as him, the last two we did a long distance relationship. Needless to say, that kinda killed it. Within the two years apart we saw eachother twice each visit was for a week. So in two years we were in the same place for a total of 2 weeks. Over the last year I started having doubts about us, and he kept getting more serious. I am young, and felt that I couldn't commit to marrige at my stage of life. I started to feel like I had feelings for other guys that I knew or I was getting burnt out. We haven't seen eachother in a year ( our other 2 visits were in the same year just four months apart). Im really struggling right now if I made the right descion. He and I are both heart broken because we were not only bf and gf but best friends first. So Im getting depressed because I feel like I have lost so much. I think I made the right descion because I was trying to be fair to him, but I dont know. I did pray on this but I never seemed to get a clear answer from God. Please let me know what you think. I just need someone who has experience and is a christian to talk to me about this. None of my friends understand because they have never had a relationship last that long.....so I am struggling. We never cheated on eachother and were faithful throughout the entire time. He is an amazing man and I want the best for him and I. I know in my heart that if we are meant to be together God will work it out. Thanks!
  2. Long distance relationships are very difficult to maintain for a variety of reasons. Breaking it off is painful, but you are right in that it frees both of you to seek what God has for each of you individually. It may be that some time in the future, your lives are once again woven together, or it may be that the paths before you diverge. Trust God and follow His leading in all that you do. He will lead you in paths that will glorify Him and be the best for you. When you feel loss in obeying Him, know that what you see as loss is in reality a seed of obedience that He will grow into a blessed and glorious harvest.
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  3. hey we are the same...

    me and my girlfriend are three years now and both christians and were young and first for each other :)

    long distance relationship is very hard (it was really nice for you two to be that long)...if your faithful to God you are faithful to everyone :)

    if theres such thing as soulmates I am praying to God for you two, pray for us too...God bless
  4. As stated , long distance can be hard. Also if you really feel you are not ready then you should wait. here is the thing, a long distance relationship can be hard, but marriage is something that takes a lot work as well.

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