Did I Get Saved Yet?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Polly, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. If chocolate is your idol then yes.
  2. lol.. Polly got you on that one! :LOL:
  3. what you mean?
  4. I mean you made a good joke...and a comeback... it was a compliment... :)
  5. I was being serious. Boooooooooo.
  6. what...take that big red X off my post!....you was joking and it was a pretty good joke....not as good as mine but probably as good as the jokes Where tells.... :LOL:
  7. NO! Stop it! I was serious.
  8. Why are you guys mocking me again? This is not funny!
  9. I agree it's not funny. That's why we are still here with you. If I wasn't serious about seeing you grow from an infant to a mature Christian, I would have stopped about two months ago. Humor is needed sometimes to lighten the mood. I realize you don't think Mitspa's comment is funny, but I think he meant it to be.
  10. not mocking....It was kinda funny and sarcastic... don't be so uptight! try to enjoy life a little...:D
  11. Yeah, be chill
  12. Now I just got two negative marks for trying to be nice... Where will be happy about that. Im going to stop trying to be so nice..:mad:
  13. I removed my funny from your post. I apologise but i thought it was Mitspa's post for some reason. My eyes going funny. I thought you'd given him another disagree and he was the one who said NO! Stop it!
  14. yea Polly has a good sense of humor I bet?...she just needs some people to respond to her and laugh at her jokes....:)
  15. This is exactly what I do. I listen to it while at work and read along too when I have some down time, it's great!
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  16. I don't know when I get hit with a red x. Tapatalk app doesn't have that feature. Should I be worried?
  17. Yes you should be worried. When I received my first red X my mouse started smoking and my monitor shut off.
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  18. If my phone melts, it won't be chill
  19. Your phone doesn't melt, it explodes. I no longer have a front pocket on my favorite jeans.

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