Did I Get Saved Yet?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Polly, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Well, I don't know why can't I read real life books so well. I can't even read Harry Potter so well either...
  2. What kind of meds do you take pol?
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  4. Zeldox 80 milligrams and iron tablets
  5. Ok then read the bible online if you can't read real books
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  6. But will it still be miraculous enough to read it online and not in real life from a book?
  7. Miraculous enough? You wont see fireworks
  8. http://www.biblegateway.com/resources/audio/

    Are you just ignoring this? Go ahead and tell us if you have no desire at all to do what God commands you. Then at least we'll know where you stand.

    And it's the Words that are alive, Polly. The paper has nothing to do with it. You could read it off toilet paper and get the same thing.
  9. So the Bible is not the same magical book what I always thought that the Bible makes wonders just by reading the book or that the real life Bible book is the most powerful than reading the Bible online?
  10. Ok...

    So this must mean that reading evil, even just accidentally brings demons?

  11. Huh? The physical book isn't important. It isn't magical. It's God's Word that's awesome.

    I have no idea how you got that out of my post, Polly.

  12. The Bible isn't magic. It is powerful because it is truth. Get this harry potter magic junk out of your mind.
  13. Ok. But if God's word does wonders, then does reading real evil even accidentally bring demons?
  14. You have no desire to read the Bible. Always changing the subject
  15. What? I just started reading the Bible about half an hour ago online. And I found out that Harry Potter doesn't bring demons because the stories in Harry Potter never happened.

  16. That isn't true. Satan can work through most, if not all things.
  17. The bible told you harry potter doesn't bring demons? I never read that. Harry Potter isn't the issue. Your addiction to Harry Potter is.
  18. That's not what I meant. Stop being so judgmental! And fandom is not idolatry. Idolatry is when you think something is more important than God. Also, fandom is not idolatry.
  19. Then that must mean that even looking at pictures of chocolate cake can bring demons?

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