Did I do the right thing right now?

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  1. So my brother and I were leaving the store after we bought some snacks and slurpees when I notice a young couple in the car arguing. Well the young man ( 18-21 years of age at least ) was yelling at his girlfriend and I looked at my brother because I was going to hand him my things and confront the kid. I usually have always stepped in and badly hurt the other person. It doesn't matter the size.. my anger has gotten me to the darkest places but fighting has been one thing that I've been great at. I have not fought in almost 6 years nor do I want to because I know God says to turn the other cheek. And when my brother was trying to calm me down and telling me to just look away and get in the car I look one last time and the girl was grabbing her chin and I don't know if the kid punched, slapped.. hit her at all but I ended up leaving and I will pray for peace and protection over her but did I do the right thing by leaving that scene? It's the first time I have ever walked away and I know people, parents, family members even cops have told me it's not my place to step in because I could end up in trouble or worse.. dead. I don't care about all of that though I just care that that person is okay especially if it is a woman. I'm not saying I feel guilty or anything but I don't know why I'm upset and not at peace with the situation. I just feel like I could of done more.. any thoughts on this?
  2. For you I must say you did the Best thing.
    Prayer can do more then a good right and left. ; )

    James 5:16 the last part.
    The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

    If God would have wanted you to step in, you would not need to question it, but seeing how you are, well I do believe you did the right thing. Prayer moves mountains.
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  3. I do think as difficult as it was that you did the right thing.

    Right now your flesh is going to try to be in control because there is a part of your life that you cannot control. And when we turn our lives over to the spirit, the flesh has to take a back seat. Now it's time for your flesh to learn to submit to the spiri. It's not always easy, but in time it will be a piece of cake :)

    Your upset because In the past you would have tried to give the gentleman what you felt he had coming. Now your beginning a new chapter in your life and learning to rely on prayer (which we cannot see the outcome, and has to do with putting our total trust in the Lord) instead of your natural strength is a completely different ballgame for you (really for a lot of people).

    Your learning how to let go of some pride in an accomplishment, and learning how to place others in God's hands instead of being the hero to the rescue. It's a pretty tall order that you are filling and the flesh wants to "feel" something.

    A lot of your sensory needs right now are not getting their fill and even though they are approved of by God (in their right place and time), right now they have to take a back seat. For the flesh that is really difficult. Your flesh is looking for a release or a high, and your flesh saw an opportunity with fighting. And it is upset because you didn't allow it to fulfill it's desire.

    God is pleased with your decision to exhibit self control, which is one of the fruits of The Spirit. Keep up the good work! And allow others (like your brother did) to help you :)
    And if it's possible and you know how to pray in the spirit, that will help build your spirit up and connect you to God.

    Blessings my friend!
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  4. Thanks brothers! Yeah I mean I feel a whole lot better this morning waking up to God and I was reminded that I don't need to be the hero all the time. But it wasn't even being a hero.. I think for me I thought I was doing the right thing and the enemy would fill my head with things like, "God would do the same thing and the guy is probably going to hell anyways." Just awful things that I used to allow the enemy to convince me of so I wouldn't feel guilty. But I've never been the type of person to want to hurt people. I was just bullied a lot and over time I got tired of it and had to stand up to myself and figured okay.. well this is once of my vices. I'm grateful that I do have God though because I wouldn't of wanted to end up anywhere away from God just like when I was using drugs.

    My flesh does want to be in control.. that is the truth! Hahaha I think that's normal for all of us, right? Because even when I was at church and they were praying over me the lady sort of raised her voice in a powerful way.. not mean or anything.. but she told me that she knows I want to feel God's prescence but sometimes our flesh won't allow us to so just give in, relax, and let God do all the work. And that amazing moment when you feel God catch you when you've finally let go and allowed the flesh not to fight it.. oh man. Thank you guys.. I had a feeling it was the right thing to do. God is trying to teach me patience and it seems that way because for the first time in.. forever.. I was stuck in traffic (( San Diego traffic.. Lord help us all hahahahaha )) and I was just talking away in the car just talking to God and saying stuff like, "You know God... usually I'd be cursing all sort of words and then seconds later apologizing.. but hey this time.. let's just talk about how wonderful this traffic is. Sure it feels like it's going to be a pain because I keep stepping on the gas and brakes every second and I'm about get a charlie horse but in your glorious name I declare that I won't get that charlie horse and I'll be back in time to eat my steak. I love you God. I really do. Thank you for this wonderful day and thank you for putting me in this situation to teach me the meaning of patience because I could only imagine how much patience you need for all of us let alone me in particular" hahaha something like that I don't remember I just know that it was a good day!
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  5. Right :)

    And if San Diego traffic is anything like the bay area traffic Yes I know exactly what you mean.
    It was good, and I'm sure God was very pleased that you were able to approach it with a thankful attitude, and use the time to chatter away to Him
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  6. This is a good way to know when something is not from God. You get a lot of pressure and negative thoughts. It's not a peaceful prompting, like what would come from the Lord.
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  7. Yeah if I only know my marriage was something from God. I honestly just think I need to say nothing to my wife and pretend we are friends and go along with it even though she's also my wife and if she wants to get worked up when I tell her amazing things that I think God wants to tell her then so be it. I gave into the devil's lies before and inflicted pain upon myself.. I'm not doing that again! She says she's given 6 years of her time and effort and she felt like nothing and I even asked her did I really make you feel like you were nothing? Even brought up a good example of that in a sermon talking about wives and how they should not stake their greatest happiness on their husbands reaction or change because if they do that it will probably become demanding or nagging and angry and all which will be self-defeating. And the pastor focus your hearts and energies not on fixing your husbands failures but on deepening your own godly responses to those failures because God expects that from you. God does not hold you accountable your your husbands sins but he does hold you accountable for the godliness of your responses to those sings. Besides God sees all that we do in writes it down.. and if my wife communicates with me the way she does not as friends.. she wouldn't have to think that divorce is the answer. She makes it seem like it was hell on earth living with me so the man in me says just sign the paper work and repent later if I make that mistake. But I know the God that I serve is saying take your time and be obedient because you are not hearing my voice.. you only want to get it done and over with but I am not finished! But the way my wife feels makes me think.. why would God want to force her to be with me. I don't think it would be force but she's making it seem like she'll be forced to be married and move back in and try to make it work and she's spent.. as if I'm that much for her that she'll give up on marriage all together but I don't want some other guy to swoop in and I miss my chance. I don't know man I am certain we are both lost and I'm fighting with everything I got.. should I just step back and stay quiet and let God take those 99 steps and wait to hear from Him so I'm aware what that 1 step will be?
  8. Listen to what God the Father is saying to you.
    Don't try and figure it out. You cant!
    Just follow His lead.

    what you can not see
    What's Really in her heart.
    What's going on in the spiritual realm

    However God can and does.
    Pray that God would grant her the gift of repentance. This does work !!

    Fighting the good fight of faith includes spiritual warfare. This is where you need to focus.
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  9. I appreciate your heart for others my young brother. However, confrontation for the concern over another person does not have to mean you have a fight with someone. I also have a real problem with bullies and those who would hurt women and children.
    It is something I have had to work on for a lifetime but it has been a good work in doing so.

    There are those who have mastered the ability of conversation without promoting a physical event and as you grow older I promise you that the last thing you want or need to be involved in is a fight.

    The power to talk, and reason with others is a gift and the power of persuasion is awesome. Now as for doing more in the situation you described, may I say to you that you did exactly what you should have done. You have no idea that the man you were concerned with had a knife or gun under his car seat and the devil himself may just have been luring you into a life threatening event in which the Holy Spirit of God delivered you from.

    The fact that you are alive and posting this on a computer web site is proof that you in fact did what God wanted you to do, so worry not and be blessed that you are in the arms of God.
  10. I agree brother! My brother actually said the same thing to me that night when we got back home. He said that guy could of easily had a gun and it could of ended badly and I could of died. Of course knowing me.. I had the attitude to say, "Who cares if I die! I'm not invincible nor am I saying God's got my back but if I die.. at least I'll die going out like a man and whooping that kids butt so he'll learn not to do such things!" Hahaha I have to keep it real and honest. I know my attitude towards things need to change especially since God gave me a second chance at life when I tried to commit suicide by taking a few hundred sleeping pills during the time my wife cheated on me. And thinking about it now.. the enemy could of done so much more.. not that I'd want him to ruin my life at the time like he did but usually my resentment towards anyone who would cheat on me would make me seek revenge by sleeping with someone else. I know I probably shouldn't confess that to you guys because I am ashamed of that but I also don't like to lie about who I am and what I really am because the person who I used to be as a kid who was full of God's love and peace can still be that same person today. Just because I've experienced a lot of hurt and pain and just because I'm in my 30s now does not mean it's too late to go back to the pure hearted soul. I mean I can't say I'm pure now can I? I think the biggest thing I've been told my a lot of people is I bring up my past too much.. and they always ask me if I've forgiven myself and I am certain I have! I know God has forgiven me. I don't know.. maybe it does seem like I punish myself sometimes by bringing it up. I should give it all to God so I can leave it behind and become the man I need to be now. I don't want to miss out on what God has for me. But you are absolutely right.. anyone could get into a physical altercation but how much greater would it be if men came together to talk things out.. and not just men.. women as well! I feel like people have become detached from each other and it's not okay. I know it's what the enemy wants but God says we do need to come together and be united for we are all God's people. I don't like growing old but one thing I do enjoy is the wisdom it does bring.. and how I actually think about things before taking action hahaha oh the responsible man in me does thank the Lord many times because it's nice knowing I could live in peace and not have to stress about surrounding myself with friends who would get me into trouble. For once I am enjoying getting closer to God and I will probably be brave enough to make that jump into meeting christian men at church to befriend and not be shy about it or nervous because I think I'm not godly enough or whatever the enemy wants to fill my head with. Thanks for the support! So yesterday California was raining.. and today.. I am sweating as I'm typing away wondering where all the rain went haha guess it was only for a few days but praise God for we do need to get out of this drought!
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  11. If you are obeying His instructions and acting according to His will...He always has your back. It's when the Holy Spirit gives you a check (a warning) about not to do something, and you do it anyway professing ps 91 and thinking that covers you, is when your not covered.

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  12. Actually you can because the Blood of Christ has washed away the impurity when you repented of all your sin. So all the Father sees is Jesus righteousness that covers you, for we have no righteousness of our own. As you remain United to Him and abide in His Word and ways (John 15)...He will lead you to paths of righteousness for His names sake (ps 23). And He will continue to do great and mighty things through you as long as you stay united to Him (John 14).

    Philippians 2:13 says that it is He who dwells within you that gives you the power and desire to do what pleases Him.

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  13. By bringing up your past, your doing a couple of things...giving glory to the enemy for what he did in your life, and opening the door to the enemy to possibly trip you up with it later.

    You only want to speak what Jesus and the Word says about you, so that what manifests in and around you is only what the Word says about you. And the wicked one cannot touch you.
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    Godiswithme1922 When you get the chance....get some paper and write out John 14-17 as one long letter from Jesus to you. Wow what a heart filled treat!
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  15. You sound like you are very close to turning the corner on your anger and confrontational attitude.

    Listen brother, go to church! Look for that place where when you walk in the door you get that feeling that it is where you should have been for the past 10 or so years. That is "Comfortability"!

    Now forget the idea of not being godly enough. No One deserves the goodness and grace of God. In spite of ourselves, God loves us anyway and I know the He would want you to serve Him instead of satisfying yourself and your need to fight anyone. That my friend is the Devil tempting you......Not God!!!
  16. Amen and he is Trying to get you to bite!
    If you take hold of it he then has you hooked and can reel you away from The Love and Grace of God.

    Don't be his sucker fish!!
    Be a Jesus Fish. ;)
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  17. Amen! Knowing when to walk away is the key to rejecting temptation.

    Believe me when I say....."I know what he is talking about".

    About 100 years ago or so, I had the same kind of struggle with my temper so I know where our little brother is coming from.
  18. You defintely did the right thing. I might also add, if you happen to witness things going far left you can always call the police.

    But yeah, you have to discern when to act and when not to...because confrontation in some cases can cost you your life.
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  19. Amen and especially if you are lead by the flesh via emotions and "Think" it's the right thing to do. We as born again believers must learn how to be Spirit Lead. That is the Holy Spirit. Far to many believers end up being spirt lead but it ain't the Holy Spirit.
    Very Well Said autumn oddity
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  20. Amen.. the devil always has tricks up his sleeves.. kind of like how I'm dying with whatever this illness is. It feels more like a cold but it's pretty brutal and it's messing with my vision. My neck feels like it has a lump and I just don't want to go to the doctors. I don't believe in hospitals and prescription drugs. And I'm not saying prescription drugs are bad, I mean I used to be a drug addict so it has nothing to do with that. But I've changed so much over these past couple of months and I have learned to tolerate whatever illness or whatever situation life puts me in and not blame God or curse or get angry.. but rather worship and obey God and thank Him for blessing me with a home, a car, a family, my health! Thank you that even though I am sick.. at least I am not dying. Illness used to keep me far away from God.. bitter and angry towards Him thinking he's punishing me. Now.. all I want to do is cover up with a cozy blanket and spend time with God only till I feel better. It's been how long since I was last on here?

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