Did Anyone Hear The 1st Trumpet/horn Blow Yesterday???

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  1. It happened yesterday and I found out through my cousins's cousin she called me at 8:31 and that's when my aunt told me she heard, not just her but other too..around the world, the 1st trumpet blow ( its on face book)

    And my cousin's cousin, whom I'll call Dana, asked her to make sure, she said are you sure it asn't a car horn and my aunt said , " No I know what a car horn sounds like..." and at that moment I almost started crying lol bc only those who are spiritually awake will hear the trumpet/horn...

    But there's six more left, I was actually waiting for someone to post it on here but it seemed to be taking a while so I went ahead on and did it...

    ** I might get a backlash for posting this... but I just wanted everyone to atleast know, and to just stay on track and work *diligently* till he comes back so you'll hear it**
  2. Its was 8;31 pm, I just thought Id add that detail. It just suprised me bc jesus is coming back sooner than I expected.
  3. Hi Pancakes,

    According to Revelation the first trumpet blast is accompanied by hail, fire and blood and a third of the earth was burnt up.

    Unless we are living on different planets then these things did not occur. I would not trust in what people say they heard or what has been published on Facebook. Rather go to the scriptures and see the sequence of events before the first trumpet blast. Our discernment comes largely from reading and understanding scripture.

    Secondly, nowhere in scripture does it say that the trumpet blast will only be spiritually discerned or that we will even hear it at all - do not beat yourself up and believe that you are not spiritually discerning - that is a lie to put you into bondage. Be comforted in knowing that if you believe in Jesus Christ your salvation is secure. Our salvation comes from Him not our own strengths. When He returns He will not forget you, regardless of whether you heard any trumpet blast. To the contrary scripture says He comes like a thief in the night, so I doubt any of us will hear any trumpet blast until He appears visibly in the sky.

    Be cautious about people who claim certain things are only spiritually discerned. God is not a respector of people, He has no favourites. I am sure every person on earth will hear the trumpets blasts if God so wills.
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  4. You can relax! The 1st Trumpet did not blow!!!!!

    This is why we must understand the Word of God and NOT what someone says.

    The Bible says that there will be a set of 7 Seal Judgments BEFORE the Trumpet judgments sound.

    The 1st Seal Judgment is the revealing of the Anti-Christ in Rev. 6.

    The Trumpet Judegments begin in Rev. 8 when 1/3 of the Earth is smitten.

    As Kevin correctly said............"You would have known".
  5. 8:31 you say?....I think that was me clearing my nose:)
  6. Actually I doubt that we will hear the trumpets. They are blown in heaven to herald certain events. Even the last trumpet might not be heard by any but those saints sleeping. so as Kevin and major say, don't worry about silly stories.
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  7. Or maybe sneezing......I'm sure it was me:rolleyes:

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  8. This post makes me think of the rapture. The only thing we are waiting to hear or not hear is Jesus calling us. Stress when you wake up and find your friends and family missing.
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  9. Amen!
  10. Or unless it was the 21st December 2012 - Oh sorry that has past already.
  11. AAAhhhh so that's what i heard
  12. I hope it WAS your nose!
  13. I have exploding head syndrome and hear things such as telephones, doorbells and various bangs and thuds in my sleep quite often , I definitely did not hear any blast of a trumpet.
  14. Exploding head syndrome - is that for real as I have never heard of it?
  15. Yes, it is for real. It could also explain the Original posters claims to hearing a trumpet blast. Basically it is where someone thinks they have heard a loud sudden noise, normally when asleep which wakes them. Usually this noise is a very sudden violent noise, such as an explosion, I have yet to experience an explosion, but I will regularly wake up startled after hearing a loud noise, first few times I spent ages looking around house trying to find what caused the massive crash or bang, only finding nothing. It was only when I was woken by doorbell ringing, then realising my doorbell did not work and it was a different sounding bell, that I knew it was something my brain was inventing.

    However it can be a pain, because obviously when waking up to a loud banging sound, I do have to check it out just to make sure someone has not tried to break in or something fallen over etc. If it becomes more frequent as in more than once a week on average, then I think I will have to resort to sound recording on a loop, then I can simply play back the recording, if its picked up on that then I know it was not my exploding head syndrome.
  16. Well I learnt something new today! Will pray for you that it goes away
  17. As Christians, we have to be diligent to seek the Word of God on all things and test the spirits. "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world." - 1 John 4:1 ........ I see nowhere in that scripture that we are to blindly follow, in fact- we are not to be swayed.

    So that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.

    (Ephesians 4:14 ESV)

    There are numerous things which could account for a trumpet sound. Does this person live near a military base? Is there possibly hallucinations of all sorts going on? Are they of full mental capacity?

    All of those questions have real answers. To simply blindly follow heresy, puts us in a vulnerable state. I like to think of it this way.

    When a banker first learns their job, they don't sit there and learn and memorize everything about every counterfeit bill in existence. What do they do? They study the real one in depth, they know the ins and outs of it- so that when the counterfeit one does come along- they know it is fake. In the same way, Christians should be well grounded and rooted in the Word of God. That way, when the enemy comes along and tell us something that contradicts The Bible, we know it is false and can further discern wolves in sheep's clothing. Without being rooted in the Word of God, then we are opening ourselves up for a world of hurt and frustration. So basically, if you have 2 sources- and one is the Word of God- it will trump the other source every single time.
  18. Yes it is real!!

    It happened to me once, ..........I don't remember anything after it happened though ......no head left!!:)
  19. I have tinnitis, but "exploding head" sounds much worse.

    People need to be very careful about their interpretations of the happenstances in Revelations. There is not a more confusing book in all of scripture, literal visions and allegory are mixed thoroughly and it's nigh impossible to accurately sort one from the other. IMNSHO (in my not-so-humble opinion), the only horns, trumpets, or whatnots we are going to hear will be the last one, when the dead rise.
    However, he did say to look out for "signs in the Heavens", and we got a few doozies whizzing by next year, look for bright comets in March and November. Also, fireballs seem to be a lot more common now than in the past.
  20. this may all be true, but he also tells us that NOBODY - not even Jesus knows the day or hour.

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