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Desperately I cling to You

Discussion in 'Literature and Poetry' started by Boanerges(Inactive), Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Desperately I cling to You

    This short poem was written in an hour of great trial. God as always proved more than faithful.

    Desperately I cling to You

    Desperately I cling to You
    When all around me tells me otherwise I still know Your Word is true,
    Desperately I cling to You
    When sense and reason scream You are gone,
    I find that still small voice and the strength to go on
    Still desperately I cling to You
  2. very powerful for such short words.. sometimes it is most beautiful when it is most simple..

    thanks for that!

  3. Great - reminds me of how I felt on my last hospital visit.

    And now that you have shown to me

    Your care and love in desperate need

    I bring my thanks, my praise, my worship to

    For you have delivered me from death
  4. hope you don't mind my 2cents,

    And if there's anyone I can go to,
    It's you.
    Should there be one that I could disappoint -
    It's you.
    If there's one whose standards are worth living up to,
    It's yours.
    And the ultimate price,the only sacrifice -
    It's you.

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