Desperately I cling to You

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  1. Desperately I cling to You

    Desperately I cling to You
    When all around me tells me otherwise I still know Your Word is true,
    Desperately I cling to You
    When sense and reason scream You are gone,
    I find that still small voice and the strength to go on
    Still desperately I cling to You
  2. That's something I need :)
    first,I need an anchor :X
  3. What an awesome message! Beautifly written boangeres
  4. beautiful bo!
  5. So simple yet profound. Written from the heart. Thanks for sharing this.
  6. Absolutely Beautiful.

    Thanks for the poem, I love them

  7. the kingdom will become,our light will carry on.the moments of the darkness pass,and we are for everness.
  8. Thanks everyone. That was written in a hard place but thankfully our God is the God of hard places as well as easy ones.

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