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  1. How come I am not displaying the fruits of the spirit? My dad keeps telling me to smile and lighten up, and it just makes me confused and more depressed. I've prayed and cried to God, why won't he heal me?

    These past days it feels like I have to do a lot for God, when I've always thought that he does things for us. Doesn't he understand the help I need? Does he have a plan for me, or am I falling away?
  2. You decide whether you are happy or not.
  3. Is there any cause for your depression, brother? Can you please provide us with more details? I will pray for you.
  4. I wish it was that easy.
  5. Well I just got back from a MS church camp as a volunteer, I got sick and had to leave early. Then yesterday I went to my HS service and couldn't worship that well, I just felt really awkward and unspiritual. Then our worship leader said God wanted a revival in our youth ministry, and was talking about all these great works that he wanted us to do, and it made me feel really bad on top of everything else. So that made me really depressed, and then I started listening to "Christian Rock" and it made me even more depressed... Last night I stayed up crying and praying to God, but I don't know if it even mattered. I've also been playing video games, which distract me for a while, but then I get depressed again realizing I'm not doing anything good with myself. Last week everything was great, not so much now.
  6. A word to describe how I am feeling is "Disconnected".
  7. Well, I think should try to read the Word of God. Maybe you are going through an episode of clinical depression. Sorry to ask this so bluntly, but do you have a history of depression?
  8. It really is. You just have to decide to be happy. It took me years to figure it out. I guess you have to get tired enough of feeling bad before you decide to reject it.

    It really is a hard thing to explain to someone. I have events that drag me down temporary but overall I choose to be happy. I will find myself feeling upset and then I snap myself out of it. It just isn't worth holding on to all of the negative feelings.

    Believe that you can be happy. Have faith.

    God bless.
  9. Not clinical. I've never gone to doctor for it or anything. But I always have been a lonely and serious person.
  10. I believe that we are from very different denominations around here, so I am curious as to what is your particular denomination. Could you please tell me which one is it?
  11. My faith is in Jesus Christ and the word of God. Non-denominational I guess.
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  12. Thanks. Then I take it that you have already accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Correct me if I am mistaken in this. I believe that you should ask your congregation to pray for you. Don't feel ashamed to tell them that you are fighting with some feelings of depression.
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  13. Okay, I'll try that next time I go. But I think it really has to do with my relationship with God, I am feeling this way because I know how little I do.
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  14. Honestly, I think there is no reason for you to be depressed. Depression distorts the way you think and makes you see a problem where there is none. This is very common and I have experienced it too.
  15. Isa 26:3 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

    Maybe you have not set your heart and mind on the things above were Christ is sitting! This is the only place our peace, love and joy come from.
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  16. I thought the Holy Spirit gives us peace. I didn't know it was up to me to keep my mind on Christ. This is my problem, the more I found out I have to do, the more depressed I get.
  17. Well, the Lord is not going to force you to think on him, that is your choice. If you want his peace then just do what the Word says.
  18. I suggest reading the "very tired and disheartened" thread. I think it applies.
  19. I'm sorry for bringing my burdens on here. I am no help to this site, or anyone on it. It would be more loving if I just left. I am for certain depressed, and I can't figure out how to stop it. Maybe this race wasn't for me to run. Maybe I don't have as much faith as I thought.

    I will always believe that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of humanity, but I don't know how to receive that gift... I am no man of God, and I don't understand nearly as much as I thought I did.

    Once again, I believe everything I'm supposed to. But I guess I am just a hearer of the word, and not a doer.

    Or maybe this is just a test. Either way, It's too much for my soul to bear.
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    God doesn't want you to be depressed. No one here or anywhere is deserving of God, only God out of his grace saved us. You're shaming yourself because you aren't perfect but God knows that you aren't perfect and yet he still loves you. That's what true love is, really it is indescribable, because God is perfect and incomprehensible to us. I'm afraid to say much more because I'm not exactly a shining example as I've been going thru the same stuff for most of my life. I'm slowly getting better though with God's grace. i hope my answer helped. God bless you, I will pray for you.

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