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  1. Out of curiosity, what denomination/s do you identify with?

    I'd set it up as an actual poll, but any list would be far from exhaustive. :p
  2. My wife and I are on our way to becoming Lutherans.
  3. Were you previously Protestants of a different denom, or Catholic, or a different religion?
    Also, why Lutheran? If you don't mind me asking.
  4. When I do get to church its most likely to be Angilican as that is the sort of layout in the main round here. I'd however identify myself as non denominational. To put it one way, Jesus is greater than what I sometimes perceive as man made splits.
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  5. I certainly respect that. :)
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  6. I'm baptist, but mostly for the free food :LOL:
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  7. We were previously protestants and identified with non-denominational churches. Before that, we were both cradle Catholics that left the church in either our teens (me) or earlier (wife).

    Why Lutheran? Well, my wife went to a Lutheran service before I did and she let me know that I would like it as it's Catholic without being Catholic. Lutheranism doesn't have all the rules and regulations that the Catholic church has. They also accept my wife and I as being married, even if we did not get married in the Catholic church. They do not tell us that God doesn;t approve of our marriage like I had heard in the Catholic church and from Catholics themselves.

    I went the next week and have been going ever since (that was back around September I believe that we started going). My wife, who didn't continue to attend the Lutheran church with me went to one of our old churches (a non-denominational church with heavy independent southern Baptist leanings) and the sermon was about following your husband where ever he goes as long as it's not ungodly. So she has been attending with me when she is physically able to do so. Any day now She'll be delivering our second child and I won't be attending church for a couple weeks to stay home with her and the newborn. It's one of the things that I appreciate about the Lutheran church. It's not a sin if you do not show up for a couple weeks.
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  8. I don't have one. I go where the Spirit leads.
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  9. I attend Assemblies of God Church though I do not agree with all their doctrines 100%. I don't know if I am Pentecostal or Baptist or Reformed.. Bits and pieces from everything :)
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  10. Roman Catholic with Eastern Orthodox tendencies.
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    Former Evangelical/Non-denominational (though spent most of my life in a Presbyterian and non-denominational church). Now traditional Catholic.
  12. I'm with Abdicate on this one.
    Some people do not feel that they belong to any denomination and feel excluded, however God sends me to people who do not belong to any denomination. I will preach to anyone, whether as part of a denomination or not.
    God loves us all! :love:
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  13. What about you?
  14. I prefer pentecostal churches but I attend evangelical church (because of lack of pentecostal churches in my area).
  15. I was raised in Assemblies of God/nondenom-pentecostal churches but don't agree with any of those teachings. I've considered joining the Roman Catholic Church, but my heretical tendencies might be too much of a problem for that. :/
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  16. I worship in a home. It is where the Lord put me. The group I worship with was planted in the late sixties early seventies.

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  17. Raised Roman Catholic, saved in a assemblies of God Church, and now belong to the body of Christ.
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  18. From the OP:

    I am a born again follower of Jesus Christ.
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  19. Lutheran. =)
  20. While growing up I went to Baptist & Pentecostal churches. But I'm currently a member of a non-denominational church and loving it. The spirit flows, the preaching is spot on, and the people are lovely.
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