Demons on YouTube?!

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  1. I just saw the most disturbing video ever on YouTube.

    It was posted by Crystal Clay and it's called 'Urgent dream from the Lord'. I will not post a direct link because I'm not sure if it complies with the forum's rules, but you can easily find it on YouTube.

    The video is extremely disturbing. As Crystal Clay spoke about a dream of hers, I could clearly see shadowy figures moving in the background. At first, I thought it could be her son but no human being moves like that. Even Crystal Clay said she saw something moving in the background and so did many viewers.

    And things get even more mysterious: they saw those figures at different moments in the video, so it's not some technical problem.

    The author is not a psychic or an occultist, she is a genuine Christian. I sent her a message but I still got no reply.

    May Jesus Christ bless us and protect us from all demonic influence. The internet is a wonderful invention but it may also be used by the enemy.
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  2. Good, don't post such a thing in this glorious circle of Christ's church.
  3. I've watched the video 5 times now; she is sat in front of a window, you can tell with the light projected rays on her. The dark shadow that everyone is referring to is the an object (car, person, etc) moving outside the window creating a figure like shadow behind her.
    The 'demon' that flew out of the wall could have been dust etc; when she said she had to 'play that back'; she didn't, looking at her hands and how she was looking at the screen she only watched this 'thing' once and no more.

    Be cautious people, some of these folks on YouTube only do videos like that for subscribes and views.

    P.S. I've seen hundreds of videos like this before.
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  4. P.P.S. She appears to have a lot of interesting dreams, coincidental IMO.
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  5. No, it's not.

    Nobody moves that fast. And if that were the case, everyone would see it at the same time and that's not what happened here.

    Maybe I got carried away and there's a logical explanation for this, but that's not it.

    I'm still waiting for her explanation, let's wait and see.
  6. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. I watched the video again and yes, it could be reflections from the window. If, however, this was shot early in the morning that makes no sense. Let's wait and see what she has to say.

    I didn't see any of the alleged 'paranormal activity' that was mentioned in the comments section, though.
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  8. Something to think about....if she does give you an explanation how will you know she is telling the truth? This is definitely an area where people of the world are making so real or important. She may calim to be "Christian" but in all reality you don't know her and she could be saying she is a Christian just to add what she thinks is validation to her deception. Also what is her definition of Christian? Many religions in the world claim to be Christian but are not.

    I have not seen the video and have no intention of watching it, but i surely do appreciate your warning us of the junk that we have to watch out for!

    God Bless!
  9. It was her own shadow when a car went past her window. I can't believe anyone would think it was something supernatural.
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  10. Maybe but let's wait and see what she has to say.

    Anyway, that's not the moment in the video that everyone is talking about.
  11. What is the moment?
  12. Fear will cause you to see all kinds of weird things.
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  13. Come on now. All this is doing is causi9ng born again beleivers to look for casper and other such things that go bump in the night. This junk is stuff wee aught to stay away from little known keep trying to find things.......Here is an idea..........go search ther word of God and see how many times he says to stay away from junk like this.......
    ;) ;) ;) :)
  14. I believe it is 0:28 but I'm not sure. Apparently, it was some sort of spiritual or paranormal activity. Crystal Clay mentioned it in the beginning and many viewers confirmed they saw it but I couldn't see anything.

  15. There are many cases of spiritual entities caught on film, I always keep an open mind.

    My personal favorite is Joe Martinez's infamous 'demon dog' photo, I'm convinced it is genuine. Look it up on Google.
  16. This young girl is sitting in her room at the computer with a window in front of her with cars driving by in the street reflecting light on her and her shadow behind. Get a grip.
  17. It is dust, flying in the current of air in the room.
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    Yes, it shows between 0:28 and 0:29. It is moving across the screen from right to left...kind of over her head, it looks like it could be some kind of light. It isn't dust, dust doesn't move across the room like that fast in a sweeping down and up motion.
  19. no reason to fear them. "Do not be afraid" appears more times in the bible than I care to count. We serve a God who is all powerful, why fear something less than Him?
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  20. No sir I will not even consider it. I was delivered and saved from the other side. I know what goes on on the other side. I a few years back began to get heavy in those ghost chaser shows and people. I will tell you like it is. YOU Have NO business what so ever going there.
    Thats all I will say.
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