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  1. My apologies in advance for the title as I couldn't think of a good one to address my question. As some of you know, along with the word of God I also study demonology and have been for the past 2 years. Some books (mostly written by Catholics) insist that we pray to God and His angels for protection. However, from what I understand, the angels are ministering spirits who do God's bidding (Hebrews 1:14; Psalms 103:20).

    When demons and devils present themselves, are we to call upon God and his angels (such as St. Michael the archangel and say his prayer), or do we just pray/call upon God?
  2. I pray that God would bind up the evil one and his minions away from me or whoever I'm praying for.
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  3. I don't put too much energy into them but instead focus on Christ's victory. Like when I'm feeling attacked, I mean.
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  4. Jesus said Whatsoever WE....... WE...... WE bind. he gave us the authority over them.

    Best way to defeat the devil....... Awesome answer now if others would just follow this advice.

    Best way to beat the devil is to just ignore him. He can do nothing to us without our permission. (I know I will have to clarify that but not now)

    Ignore them unless instructed different by the Holy Spirit.
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  5. Ok so in praying the binding thing wrong then? How should I say it? How can I ask myself to bind something or how do I bind them? Someone taught me how to pray this way...whoops
  6. There is no wrong way to pray as long as you do it in the name of Jesus Christ and with the conviction of the Holy Spirit. I've never heard of 'binding' so to speak, more so 'casting out' (normally back to the pit). My thought is that you can bind the evil one and his minions all day, but through giving in to temptation or sin, they get to oppress another day. It will be a never ending battle as long as we allow ourselves to give into temptation and not repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness; up until the day when they are finally cast into the pit for all eternity.
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  7. I'm always casting out demons in Jesus name in my dreams. It's a little crazy. And it's just in the last year or so.
  8. praise God........ keep in mind, devils come not but to kill, Still and destroy. So it's just not enticement to sin, they also try to get you to be in fear of something.

    Sometimes they like to move stuff around and pull covers off the bed.

    What they want us to do is get in fear, start rebuking them in the name of Jesus and then they have us.

    One man who was sleeping some devil flung a chair across the room. He sat up and said...... Now evil spirit, You put that chair back Now and be on your way. The spirit did and left.

    Eating to much before bedtime......... :)
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  9. Haha...eating candy no doubt!!
  10. So Michael, why do they "have you" when you start rebuking them? Is it because you are giving them importance by engaging in "battle" with them?
  11. You answered you own question. First Jesus already put all principality and power under his feet. We seat spiritually in heavenly places with Jesus so the devils are under our feet.

    Jesus said.

    Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.
    (Luk 10:19-20)

    Serpent of course means Satan because before Jesus said this he said.

    And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    (Luk 10:18)

    So, all demonic spirits are subject to what we say, by the authority of the Name of Jesus.

    Let's say........... One is making noises at night or a common thing I hear is ripping the covers off you while you sleep.

    So, Scripture says resist the devil, submit to God. It's already displayed it's ability to take covers, big deal what a trick.

    If I in alarm start to rebuke the devil............... Out of being afraid then what happens?

    Let me put it this way......

    Job sacrificed for his kids because they were having parties. Job said they might be cursing God in their heart, so Job drags an animal out of the barn and kills it every time they throw their parties.

    Job believes that if you curse God you die, so Job is sacrificing animals out of faith in God's protection?

    Or is Job sacrificing out of fear of Loss?

    Satan murdered Job's children regardless.

    For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.
    (Job 3:25)

    So, you have a loved one that has not come home yet. They won't answer the cell phone and are 1/2 hour late.

    The devil comes in and says.............................

    1) Someone may have abducted them.
    2) They got arrested.
    3) They were in a horrible accident.
    You might never see them again.

    The devil wants you to pick on as they all can't be right, and never right.

    what is the right answer....................... Your worried about that loved one not home on time.

    1) start praying to God that He protects them and if they been hurt or kidnapped that He saves them.

    2) say, Devil it is written My God perfects those things that concern me. In Fact Devil I trust God and I refuse to keep looking out the widow for them to pull up, I refuse to be moved by your lies. With Long life my God will satisfy them and he said He would watch between me and them while we are away from each other.

    One is using the Sword of the Spirit saying it is Written and believing what God said. The other is praying out of fear, believing all those things the devil put in our head.

    I do have a cut on my nose from a devil and I have run into a few physically but long enough.

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  12. That completely makes sense because I have this feeling to ignore them when I feel an attack at night. Sometimes it may be my imagination but I just ignore and think about Jesus. I imagine parts in acts and the gospels like a movie in my head. I have done the ignoring thing since I was little. I used to feel attacked by evil a lot at night when I was little and I would try to ignore them....

    Anyway-- thanks
  13. unfortunately, there are devils everywhere working on people all over. Like roaches.

    last one I saw was in 2005. I had just laid down and a big black shape showed up in front of my bed and this sucker looked fat or something, like it needed to diet.

    It then just sat on top of my legs, the bottom feet part. I tied to just ignore it but the things was being rude. Hard to ignore something that just sits on you.

    So I said......... You have about .3 seconds to get off me or I will get the name of Jesus involved and embarrasses you in front of your over seers. (Paul mentioned 4 classes of devils in EPH)

    It jumped up and vanished quick............

    I just went to sleep.

    Paul said marvel not if Satan himself shows up as an angel of light. That must mean it's more common that what people admit.
  14. Excellent info Michael, I really do appreciate your insight! (y)
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    God the Father has given Jesus all authority ..
    and our job is not to be demon warriors ..
    it is to preach God's word ..

    when casting out evil spirits, or they put themselves in your path (or harass) you should use the name of Jesus .. (Act 16:16-18) Paul was going along preaching and a woman who had an evil spirit was following him .. he finally turned around (because it was disrupting his work) and cast it out of her .. it is important to make sure that a person who has had a demon cast out of accepts Christ or it will return with seven more (Mat 12:43-45) .. another case is of satan himself, which is the verse concerning Michael (archangel) vying over the body of Moses (Jud 1:9) .. in which Michael rebuked him using Jesus' name (in the name of Jesus begone) .. the thing is, doubt is a crippler .. you must speak with TOTAL belief and in the Authority of Jesus name .. and why satan said to the Jewish exorcist: "I recognize Jesus, and know Paul, but who are you?" (Act 19:15) .. Jesus' elect are "known" to the evil spirits, and they know HOW to access His power .. just like prayer .. when you do it, you must do it as it has already happened (Mar 11:24) .. and finally, in the case of powerful evil spirits, Jesus tells us this (Mat 17:19-21) .. which you should do if you have doubts that creep in ..

    and to address the binding .. I would not try doing that ..
    Jesus can keep them from you, but he allows them to roam ..
    just dispel them .. with authority .. like Michael said above, they know if your faith is strong, and if it allots you access to Jesus power through your faith, and they MUST obey Jesus' authority ..

    God Bless you ..
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  16. Yes, resist him and he flees, and that resistance includes what he is bringing to you, which is always to get you moving/speaking/acting in fear. Refuse to fear, believe ONLY.
    Just the same way that Jairus after hearing that his daughter was dead was told by Jesus to believe ONLY and to fear NOT and his daughter would be healed. If it didn't matter if Jairus feared and he could still get results in the Kingdom then Jesus would not have said that, He would have just gone and raised her from the dead. But fear essentially authorizes the Devil in the same way that your faith authorizes God to move in your life.
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  17. THey have to obey you too, you speak in Jesus' place to them. You don't focus on them, but when they try to do stuff in your life like poverty or lack or defeat or blocking you in something, you speak the Word and command them, binding them and loosing the ministering spirits to accomplish the Word (Psalm 103:20-21, Hebrews 1:13-14).
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  18. This is all incredible info. I feel very blessed by this thread. Thank you to everyone for contributing!
  19. So if that's the case, if rebuking them is not a good idea. What than do we do? Especially the times when they do frighten us.
  20. When you mentioned that you have been studying demonology I became very curios about it. I like to learn new things and research. I was wondering if you could direct me to some good on line info/material I could read. I would like to know more about demons as well. They are here and it might be beneficial to know a little something. Do you think it would be wrong of me, as a god believer, to study devils? You think god will be mad?

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