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    The last couple of days have been really strange: I was extremely angry all the time but I can't really explain why.

    I couldn't stop thinking about a relative of mine and two former colleagues that gave me a hard time but that's all in the past now and there's no logical reason to feel so angry. I also insulted Jesus Christ, God forgive me for that, and I can't even say why.

    Thank God I seem to be calmer now, I was watching some Christian videos on YouTube, I wonder if that had something to do with it.

    Since I turned to Christ and abandoned my old sinful ways, I believe the enemy has attacked me: sleep paralysis, filthy nightmares and now this crazy anger.

    Any ideas on how to deal with anger and resentment? Please pray for me, I'm so sorry I insulted the image of Christ - I have no idea where that came from. :(
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  2. Prayers sent. I know the battle! After I was saved I realized carrying the anger and resentment towards a few people from my past was only hurting me.
    Just keep in mind that dwelling on it only gives them the victory over you.
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  3. If you've continued to think about them and what they've done to make you angry, then scientifically you have created a little bridge within your brain that will, for a time, cause thoughts of them to be associated with anger for a while. You need to get your mind away from this somehow so that you will not keep producing the chemicals that do that. Then you can start trying to think of positive things about that person, perhaps praying a blessing for them each night for a month, to correct the damage the repeat negative thoughts have caused you. I hope this is helpful.
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  4. Just a thought, here....

    How does one insult an "image" of Christ? I believe the sin in that is only in your thoughts, and not any actions, seeing as there is no such thing as an image of Christ. Repenting of the bad thoughts will gain you forgiveness.

    In my life, I had a period in my late teens, early twenties when I had some bouts of extreme anger and discovered in the end that I had a demon of fear. After I had it cast out, I have never experienced such a volatile emotion since. I would suggest strongly that you seek out someone who is a Spirit-filled Christian and who is wise in spiritual battles like this who can lead you into your deliverance.
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  5. You insulted the image of Christ, Flavio? That's what I always do when I see images!
    I'm not sure what you mean though? Jesus Christ himself is certainly not into images, and if he saw one I am quite sure that He also would insult it, along with any other images or idols of either the living or dead.

    Returning to your feelings of anger. Unforgiveness towards those who have offended you will keep you in spiritual bondage to them and to their original offense.
    The word "forgiveness" in scripture simply means to "let go". ie. Let go of their offense towards you and stop demanding an apology or redress.
    Forgiveness in scripture has no connotations of first having to feel good or benign towards these people. Rather, forgiveness is simply enlightened self interest. In other words, forgiving them enables you to be released from spiritual bondage to the difficult and painful times in the past.
    That's why we are told to forgive and we will be forgiven. Its not merely that God will not forgive us because he is angry with us, but that He cannot release us from that bondage if we are the ones still foolishly hanging on to it!
    ie. "Let go of it, so I can release you!"
    It is most likely that your initial response of anger towards them enabled a demon of anger to enter you. That is why you find it difficult to control your anger.
    Until you "agree with God" by telling him, "Lord, I forgive them, I let go of all that they did to me," you will not be able to command that spirit of anger to leave you.
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  6. Yes yes and yes.
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  7. The only way to

    The best way to deal with anger and resentment is to walk in love and forgiveness. And every time a thought comes into your mind about the offense you have to take it captive (choosing not to think it) as 2 Corinthians 10:5 says to do.

    Every time the devil tries to put a thought in my mind about something i have forgiven, i say i choose to walk in God's ways of love and forgiveness. We have to resist the devil and he will flee james 4:7.

    Blessings and i will be praying for you!
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  8. Very interesting! I'd never seen it that way.

    And yes, life has taught me that it's always best to let the Father take care of things. His Justice is infallible!

    Thank you for your kindness and prayers, guys. They worked! :)
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  9. I will join in prayer for you.
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