'Demon' leers over man's shoulder

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by freedom07, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Really interesting!
    Especially the expert who says the photo was not tampered with and the grain of the pic is uniform~

  2. Looks like a puppy to me...:confused:

    But oh well...God works in mysterious ways!:cross:
  3. Looks like a Dog to me. I like to remain skeptical of things like this. I know they exist, but in most cases they're just misunderstandings.
  4. Okay, I saw this on another forum...they came up with some very good observations...

    Why is the dog NOT looking at the cake?

    Why, if it's a demon, is it "posing" for the picture?

    How is the dog looking over the shoulder?

    Did no one NOTICE the dog in the room?

    It looks like no dog I've seen...but it does resemble the Egyption god anubis


    Interesting note...Anubis was supposedly the diety that embalmed the dead.

    Judge for yourself...

    My thought is that God uses all sorts for His purpose. It made this person kick his habit. Praise Jesus!
  5. [​IMG]
    looks an awful lot like this dog.
  6. If it is a demon and the result of appearing in this photgraph got this guy off of drugs... Then satans kingdom is divided it appears to me ...

    Question though: did this guy just quit one behavior for another??? like un=saved people do??? Or did this demon appearing him get saved...???
  7. I disagree about satans kingdom being divided...

    God uses, and allows many things to happen to get peoples attention. He also uses satans people for his purposes. Pharoh & Pilate are prime examples of this. Even the witch of endor was used by God on one occasion.

    I don't remember the article saying anything about his salvation...just his substance abuse.
  8. Must have been some heavy drugs if his hallucinations actually showed up on film. @_@
  9. I do not know what it is but it sure looks like a dog.
  10. i think this is really scary lol
  11. I like the story itself...it gives glory to God.

    But I also know that there's some people out there who are craving attention like an addict might crave heroin. They need it. They can't live without it.

    I go through phases...sometimes I like to build things at home. Sometimes I write books, sometimes I sew, sometimes I get into working out a lot. I'm just getting off of this paranormal phase...

    What I found funny was that people take photos of dust and call it "orbs". Someone turned a cabinet upside down and took a picture of it at an angle because he saw the devil in the wood pattern. A greasy child's hand-print became a demon leering into a child's room at night. A telephone cord hanging close to the camera lens became a "plasma ball". A hubcap thrown into the air fooled thousands of people who all swore it was a genuine photo of a UFO.

    This, like I said before...looks like a doggie. Cute puppy. But the Lord works in mysterious ways.

    Recently, me and my family took pictures outside. I could feel these tiny, tiny droplets of water on my arm, falling out of the air. I couldn't see them, but I could feel them. FLASH! The camera took a pic. At home, I found hundreds of mysteries "orbs" floating around my family. I didn't go online and post them and claim that we were being surrounded by restless spirits, because I could feel those droplets on my skin.

    I'm a skeptic, I admit. I'm an expert at manipulating photos, and I know what you can do with Paintshop Pro and a little patience. But I know the best illusions are the real ones. Dogs in photos. Hand-smears on windows. Dust or water in the air. Those are real.

    I've only been shown one set of photos that I believe (so far) because (blush) they're photos that I took myself...

    Every time we take pictures of dad, no matter what camera we use, he has these ribbons of light around him. Every time. Never fails, it's creepy. I don't show these photos to anybody, because I have a hard time explaining it or believing it myself. We've tried digital, polaroid, film, and even those disposable cameras. The polaroids came out the best...it was a ball by his head with this snowflake pattern streaking outwards.

    I just give it all to God and say "Here, I can't worry about this right now, God. Your will be done.":bow:

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