Demon Hunter

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  1. Demon Hunter

    Has anybody heard of this great Christian metal band? Man these guys are golden. Their songs make perfect sense in the life of a struggling christian man / woman, who still sees the dark side of the world.

    I personally suggest if you have not heard of these guys and are into acoustic stuff and or heavy metal... i suggest checking out these CDs:

    Demon Hunter (otherwise known self-titled). GREAT GREAT GREAT songs on this CD... "The Gauntlet", "Through the Black", "As we Wept", "Turn Your Back and Run" and my PERSONAL FAVORITE "My Throat is an Open Grave".

    The Tryptich special edition... i say this one because the song "Science of Lies" is about blaspheming the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as so many do as if it is a fashion. It also have "My Heartstrings Come Undone" which to me is the most beautiful song they have done.

    SO... sorry i tend to ramble lol. Anybody heard of these guys?
  2. sorry...never heard of 'em, might check 'em out though :)
  3. Yeah they're one of my favorite artists. I love the lyrics to "heartstrings come undone" :) But yeah, "my throat is an open grave" (a Biblical reference to Psalm 5:9 and Romans 3:13) is probably my favorite song of theirs .
  4. I just checked them out and I will be buying their cd for my youngest who is really into Christian metal- thanks Larry
  5. I like them a bit, but Disciple is still my favorite Christian metal band. First saw their CD in Hot Topic though, but who knows. I've never met them myself, so I don't really know how their personal convictions stand.
  6. I just got a Christian rock album with various artists that has "Undying" by Demon Hunters on it (X 2007 is the album). One of my favorite songs on the disc! I'm not too fond of the screaming parts, but that song sounded like Avenged Sevenfold to me. I recently made a commitment to only purchase Christian music (no downloading or secular junk). The talent of these Christian artists make this very easy for me :) I'm also a P.O.D. fan :D
  7. *groan* I actually liked Avenged Sevenfold until I saw them live. Reminds me too much of a corporate band. No real drive, very little energy. And even though there was an eerie number of kids there with Christian T-Shirts and Bibles, they made it a point to make sure everyone knew just how un-Christian they were.
  8. Well alot of their songs are very anti-christian.

    I seen them at Ozzfest there was only 1 song i liked that they did... that was Pantera's "Walk"... Since im a HUGE Pantera fan it was the only thing worth watching in my opinion.

    NoDoubt - "Undying" is a GREAT song. You should definitely check out the video! I thought it was pretty good for a indie band.
  9. Yeah, but it does show just how little people really pay attention to lyrics. It was very surreal, and I asked the backstage manager about it. He told me that a lot of Christian kids like A7 because they think it's "safe"...but not too safe. Some are just confused because they have several songs that have Biblical references, but that it's becoming more and more common for Christian kids to follow around Metalcore bands because they think they are safer than Marlyn Manson or Generic indie band #762.

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