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  1. Deleting Posts

    Edit: It's fine now. This thread can be closed or removed.
  2. Hello, Pastor Gary!

    I have the 'Reason for Editing', but still no way to delete that I can see.

    I've only needed to once since the new version, and so just put

    and otherwise left the post blank.

    - BM
  3. To clarify myself - the 'delete' button was a 'soft' delete only. It would basically just leave the post semi-blank with a reason, or it would completely remove the post forever, still leaving the reason(?). I can't remember which one it was, but it wasn't a complete delete. It was a soft delete.

    I would also like to make it known that the post that I wanted to delete had nothing wrong with it. I just didn't like it and didn't want it in the thread anymore so just wanted to remove it.
  4. It's fine. Don't worry about it. It's either there or it isn't.

  5. Where I needed the delete was that I 'somehow' managed to post a message two times, one straight after the other. Pretty tricky, eh, cos normally the forum program will block you off if you go to do that. But somehow I did - so one of 'em had to go!!

    - BM
  6. Well I have discovered if it is a post I want deleted .... I just erase the whole context and put deleted in the post and whoever comes along can delete the post but this is annoying cause I did used to be able to delete my own post and have been here long enough that I remember that feature and that was even before boing on staff.
  7. Exactly. I remember this feature was available on the old server to all members and you could always use it. But like I said, it's fine - I just noticed it was gone.



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