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  1. Found faith again through the help of a good friend. I started back with daily prayer and try to live life to a higher standard then i had been. I dont attend church, to be honest was never really my form of worship. I embrace God and give thanks for my life and loving family. I have been very in tune with spirits and entities from beyond. Ive been told I have a guardian angel at times. With good, comes evil. I feel a very dark presence and it takes over my thoughts. I can keep it at bay, but with the new found religion its back. My first night of prey, my mind races with the craziest demons and evil beings. I shook it away, but now in my home i feel it.. Amazing gift, but also very troubling. I cant decide what is good or bad anymore. Tvs turning on, burners turning on, good sign or bad ?? im an artistic person, but all throughout my life m art is very dark and morbid. Im not a bad person, im very loving.. I dont get it ??
  2. What you are dealing with is no gift.

    If you desire to follow Jesus, you need to get yourself into a bible-believing and bible-teaching church, and one that does not deny the work of the Holy Spirit. Ask God to lead you to a good church, and then get yourself there regularly, as in obedience to God. There, you will be taught the truth of the word, and gain an understanding of how He desires you to live your life, and as you grow in Jesus, you will discover great new abilities in yourself that He has placed within you---and a newfound freedom from old patterns of living and thinking.

    Welcome, and know that it is all about Jesus!

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  3. Hello and welcome to the Forum. It sounds like you've got a bit of a battle on your hands and I'd agree with the two who have commented already. I wouldn't doubt for a moment the experiences you're having as it's something we're accustomed to as believers so the one question I'd ask you to consider is; have you encountered the Lord Jesus Christ? I mean have you prayed, heard His still small voice, the sense of His Spirit? The reason I ask is that when you do, you'll see just how tiny these demonic annoyances truly are. There is nothing in existence which compares, when you have this contrast, they won't bother you on that level again.

    This is quite a limited form of communication so could I encourage you to seek out a Spirit-Filled Assembly of believers who are accustomed to these types of the demonic and who can support you through your first months of your new found faith.
  4. Brother, praying is entering the realm of the spirit were demons, and were God him lives. Demons do not want you in their realm because you have power and authority over them in the name of Jesus Christ. These wicked spirits will do anything to keep you from entering in their domain. Fear is the the number one way in how they might keep you from walking in the spirit. Sensing evil in your home or work place could cause you to stop in your praying activities. You are not alone as these evil spirits work the same way against all of God's children in an attempt to stop them also from using their God given authority.
    Your thought patterns on what you think about will cause you to experience things based on what you are thinking about. If it is evil then evil will seem to always show up. This is why the Bible tells us to "set" our hearts and minds on the things above were Christ sits on the right hand of God. Doing this will cause you hear from God the Father, and give you great peace. As it is written, "He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is set on him."
    If you are constantly thinking on dark things that are not uplifting, or bring Glory to God you will have troubles in this life. Not that you will never have trouble on the outside, but it is much better to have peace on the inside, and trouble on the outside then the other way around.
  5. You need to attend Church,
    in fact I would say that 80% of Christians who don't attend church will not go to heaven, or be saved,
    they are the seed that fell on the wayside and were choked by the weeds of the world.
    They are those who Jesus says were given a talent and hid it in the ground.
    How can you love your brothers or sisters in Christ yet be totally disconnected from them.
    You are not a Christian at all, just another self opinionated religious person with a nice religion that will not save them but condemn them to hell forever.
    Tune into the word of God and be among his people and be filled with the Holy Spirit and the demons will leave you alone.
  6. Welcome to cfs! Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance!
    I really honestly don't think its a good thing. It sounds more like demon possesion than anything else. If you are truly embracing God then you have a spiritual fight on your hands. And i have to agree this is not a gift from our Lord Jesus.

    God bless you!
  7. Greetings,
    I am not one to beat around the bush or sugar coat things and you being new does not get you a free pass. ;) Now how is that for a welcome bro ?

    Now then you shook nothing off or away. You are only fooling your self.
    There is no amazing gift here bro -
    It will take the washing of the Blood of Christ and truly being born again. Then it is going to take much discipline to get in Gods word and strengthen your spirit man and learn who you are in Christ.

    I will leave it to that at this point for this is not the place to go on with this for it is a welcome section. I will tell you this - you will never beat or rid your self of these things - it is going to take God and His word and the Blood of Christ and You digging into Gods word. Yes you may be baptised and feel free but I am telling you this - until you get Spiritual Growth and Wisdom and Knowledge and Understanding in Christ - well you will walk in this mess year after year.

    The ball is actually in your court - now what is it you intend on doing
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  8. Welcome to CFS. We are glad you joined us.

    Pray, Pray and Pray, as my brother Chili said, "resist the devil and he will flee." Also, sometimes try praying aloud in your home instead of in silence. Sometimes and I mean sometimes when you pray in silence the devil will throw things to your mind and the next thing you know your mind is off someplace else before you realize it. Silent prayers are good as you are still communicating with God but sometimes when we pray aloud, it keeps us focus on God and what we are saying. Also, begin now claiming and thanking God for the deliverance everyday. Hope this helps.

    God bless,

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  9. Welcome to CFS! (y)

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