Deceptive and destructive teachings of Amightywind Ministry

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  1. Teachings of Amighty Ministry arouse conflicting affections, emotions and opinions among Christians (Jesus' (Yeshua) disciples). Some are for and against Amighty ministry. I'm going to test teaching of Amightywind Ministry with the word of God.

    According to the teaching of the Bible the indisputable truth is that teaching of Amightywind Ministry based on deception and to many wrong and detrimental doctrines. Of course, there are also Biblical truths, but its foundation is deceptive. I live in Finland and have never been a member or any connection with Amightywind Ministry. The reason to write this writing is that Amightywind Ministry's teachings are very deceptive and destructive for Jesus' disciples.

    My intention is not to arouse fights and quarrels between Jesus' disciples or offend and slander people of Amightywind Ministry, but test its teachings with the word of God. Teaching of Amightywind Ministry is very detrimental and ruinous to everyone who believe and follow teachings of Amightywind Ministry. Study and test my teaching from the word of God (Bible) in the prayer.

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  2. Let me ask you this....why would you be reading this in the first place? If it does not line up with the Word of God...then it will just cause doubt and unbelief in the Word of God. And thus can cause people to stumble.

    Just my two cents
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  3. I wrote it because here in Finland and in many countries are sincere Jesus' disciples who have been deceived with the doctrines of Amightywind Ministry. I want to help them out from this Ministry who are sincere and don't see the deception, which is in this Ministry. Of course also Ministry's members could see errors when someone outside from the Ministry shows it to them. This Ministry has done a lot a bad thing to many people, so I want to help them out and warn others that they avoid this Ministry.
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  4. Well then you shouldn't read it. "Holy Ghost is God the Mother"? Sounds' like blasphemy to me.
    Matthew 24:4
    Matthew 24:11
  5. Thank you for being available to the Holy Spirit. We will be praying for your utterance and guidance and ability to be bold for Christ and that the Holy Spirit will be upon you to take the burden removing, yolk destroying anointing to the people, to set them free from the deception that has come over them.
  6. I felt in my heart very powerfully that I have to write about Amightywind Ministry, because many believers who have become faith (newborn) and those who have been only a short time in faith can mistakenly and erroneously think that Amightywind Ministry is Biblical organization, what it is not.
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  7. Never heard of it but thanks for being a watchman. If false teachers are leading the flock astray its good to warn others.
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