Deception vs. Faith

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  1. Deception vs. Faith

    So I had a to take my computer science final yesterday and I was pretty confident, and I believe I did well. It was open book, but the amount of questions to the time to complete them doesn't allow for hunt-and-find the answers. One question popped up that was in 2 practice quizzes they gave, and was in the mid-terms as well. Always wanting to verify, I copied the code from the test into the interpreter, like the previous times, and it generated an answer contrary to the previous times it asked the question. I thought to myself that something must be wrong with the computer. I made my selection from the choices and finished the test. The Lord told me I got that one wrong. I though about the question, and I realized that the interpreter was correct in generating an error, but my previous experience overroad that red error message, instead dismissing it as a failure of the interpreter.

    That whole event was proceeded by the Holy Spirit moving in me prior to the test. It didn't feel like a warning so I thanked the Lord for letting me ace the test. I don't know yet if I missed the question or not from the school, but I know what I did was select the wrong answer based on the previous quizzes than to entertain the idea, the code was wrong. I didn't catch it until analysing it in my head, but the code had an extra word it in that the interpreter didn't understand.

    The whole point of this is that we dismiss God's warnings and red letter promptings in lieu of our experiences! We put more faith in our experiences than in God. That's why the Spirit moved in me before the test, I was going to learn a greater lesson than missing a test question. Thank you Father God for searching my heart and finding wickedness because I can't find it on my own, Psa 139:23! This is why the world can't get saved until they get to this epifini, 2 Thess 2:10-11.

    A terrible tsunami is coming. Take heed.
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  2. Yea, I miss my edit capabilities... so many typos...
  3. Gee thanks, I thought it read well and now you tell me I was reading many typos. Just proves there is always more then one way to spell a word.
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  4. I tell you what sir,
    There are way too many believers doing Foolish things and calling it Faith and then either blaming God and claiming He does not care or bless His people or from the ditch on the other side of the road they claim well it must simply be God's will for them.

    Truth being they need to climb up out of this deception and get out here in the middle of the road and learn to take God at His word and learn how to operate in His word to the point you qualify to see His word come to pass.

    God's word and ways are simple . .. it's man and his ways that make things hard.
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  5. God is going to expose all these "famous" preachers and their false teachings very soon. Indeed, too many "Christians" are not Christians at all. My dad got saved because he watched Billy Graham on TV in the 1970's, but as a whole, most never repented of their sins and used the prayer as a formula, which won't get them saved. So their end is worse than before hearing the "fire insurance". This is why we have 41,000 denominations in Christianity. 40,999 are wrong, but they'll never admit it.
  6. Greetings my dear brother,
    That's not quite what I was talking about here.
    It's easy to hear in your words that something is amiss within your heart and thinking.

    There is no way sir that you can honestly say that any of these people were not saved or blame any of these men of God.
    I believe that our Heavenly Father would have something different to say concerning what you have claimed.

    Mark 11:25 might be something you think about or rather use to judge your own heart.

    I pray sir that you would find some peace and love to fill your hurting heart.
  7. The Spirit says otherwise brother.

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