Dec. 18-20 - Mid Atlantic to New England USA

Discussion in 'Severe Weather' started by Pastor Gary, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Dec. 18-20 - Mid Atlantic to New England USA

    Our Tropical Storm Research Center in Alabama normally does not track inland storms, but this building storm from North Carolina along the Mid Atlantic States into southern New England has the potential to be a deadly event. We are bringing this to the attention of all forum members who live in the affected areas. Please listen closely to your local National Weather Service announcements through your local media outlets and use the interactive map below for tracking all active Watches and Warnings.

    Travel in these areas will be nearly impossible with snowfall amounts in some areas up to 24 inches in the next 36 hours. Use caution and be safe !!


    Pastor Gary
  2. Thanks for the heads up Pastor Gary


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