Debunk Rumored Boat bought for pastors pleasure

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  1. Many accused this pastor of stealing money from his congregation to buy him self a big boat. So many rumors went flying around and it is not hard to see who is behind them either.

    Now the members who gave towards this boat all have seed in this project or another words have a part in everything it does and God gives each of them credit for being faithful in their part. Now here is the real story but you wont find this in the christian gosip accustation department.

    The Pastor and his church bought this 100 foot boat and then had it proffesionally refurbished from the ground up. This is a very long and hard project that repairs and replaces everything to make it as a new ship. Very Costly and again they did this out of Love and faithfulness to God. Then they gave this ship FREE OF CHARGE or SOWED IT INTO ANOTHER MINISTRY

    See a small detail and picture and link to some of the mission reports

    This miraculous 100 foot ship is serving in the South Pacific as a mobile bible school, evangelistic platform, humanitarian aid, and transportation tool that can access islands completely isolated due to lack of airfields and ship routes. Instead of the people having to get to us we are going to the nations. She is a trademark of God’s Goodness throughout the South Pacific!

    This tool has enabled us to reach the uttermost parts of the earth and fulfill Acts 1:8. We believe she will reach the last place on earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  2. What a great example! Thanks Jim!
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  3. Your very welcome.
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    That is an outstanding ministry. Personally I had not heard of any concerns or complaints about it and I am pleased to see how this boat is reaching and helping others!!!

    I have to tell you this because it speaks to your comment of some making claims about the Pastor using funds to buy this boat.

    Several years ago a church woman member called me and said her husband was at a local bar drunk and would I go with her to get him and bring him home. I did just that. She and I went in, got him and drug him out and took him home.

    Wouldn't you know that another member was driving by and saw us. With in an hour it was all over the city that I was cavorting with this woman and we were all falling down drunk.

    Here in central Florida, several churches have come together and did the same kind of thing with an RV. It is used as a mobil dental unit with volunteer dentists to work on the teeth of those who can not afford it.

    There is good work being done all over and I thank God for it!
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  5. Wow cool will it visit NZ? You have to get around the Pacific Ocean somehow, we dont all have private jets. Jesus and Paul went on boats.
  6. This is sad to read and unfortunately is an all to common attitude in churches. It is a classic case of thinking evil about a brother or sister in Christ. 1 Corinthians 13:5 tell us that love thinks no evil. I find it sad how we tend to jump to thinking the worst as opposed to thinking the best of each other. I understand how is it natural to do so because of the world we live has made too many of use jaded.
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  7. Is this the boat you are talking about, Jim?

    WONDERFUL! Praising the Lord for such obedient servants of God in this world!
  8. Well, some of us on the other hand are too trusting and gullible.
  9. I dont know, theres two extremes I guess.
    It would be unbeleivers who would mock a ministry like this.
    But then since the prosperity gospel has made such and inroad into ppls televisions, thats all they see and think being a christian is about.
  10. It also says that some of us only live for the bad things we want to see.
  11. Thank You Major for sharing about the RV ministry and that is awesome and about the twisitng of what you were actually doing. Happens all to often and is sad to say the least.
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  12. Any their favorite tv show is the news. lol
  13. I do not know. I will see if I can view it next trip out. I can not see the video's here for I have all that disabled because the data plan I am on for now.

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