Deathbed Con Get U In?

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  1. is it a confession or a con,
    can a deathbed confession of faith in Christ get you into heaven.
    example: man on cross beside Jesus got in.
    But does your 88 year old mother who lived a full sinful life
    really believe in Jesus as she takes in her last weeks on earth,
    or are U just hopeful your witness really got the truth out of her, or into her?
    Can U change your heart that quickly,
    and/or will God honour that?
  2. My brother, let me ask you a question. How many death bed examples do you think are found in the Bible?
    ONE. The thief on the cross.

    Is the person on their death bed really coming to Christ OR are they taking out a fire insurance policy?
  3. Only God knows for sure.

    If we planted a seed, then we have done all God asks of us.
  4. That is of course very true. I can honestly say that I have sat at many bedsides and seen many people say the right things before death. But whether or not they said them out of the fear of dieing or for the love of the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, I have no idea.

    That is why I am glad I will not have to be their judge.
  5. It's all a matter of the heart, not the brain. God is the only One Who can know.
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  6. Very true.
  7. As I understand historical Christian theology, even fire insurance is enough to save someone.

    I have personally questioned whether death bed confession is sufficient, but I do hope it is.
  8. I do hope so as well, however I out no stock into it.

    The only way I know off to know if a person is saved, is a changed life. That is hard to do from a death bed. Not impossible to be saved on a death bed, it is just me that does not put a lot of faith into it.

    I am not sure about "Historical Christian theology" being enough to save anyone. You may have gotten some very questionable information from someone who just did not know.
  9. Yes, it's the only way we have of telling.

    God, who makes the final decision, can see the heart.
  10. Blessed are those who fear the lord :)
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  11. Amen!
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  12. Salvation itself is a gift from God.. I fully believe only God can change a person's heart.. So obviously only He will know if the heart is really changed or not..
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  13. Thinking of the hypothetical 88yo. At that age, is she too old for the Kingdom of God?
    At what point in her life might she be too old to make an effective confession of faith?
    Hypothetical: (I've used this before) A cat burger loses his legs from a fall. Now he can no longer ply his trade. At what point in his life must he repent and place his trust in Jesus?
    Before his fall?
    Before his death?
    How can we draw a line in the 'time line' of life?

    As for the crook on the cross, was that just one of those spurious things or was it recorded to teach us a profound truth?
    Just my random thoughts.
  14. Excellent examples.

    I stated that the thief on the cross is the only death bed confession I knew of in the Bible and I wonder if it was faith in Christ or was it knowing he was facing death, so why not take a chance on Jesus, what did he have to lose? (Fire insurance).

    In my experiences, the hardest person I have ever known to come to Christ is that 88 year old person. IMO it seems that the longer one rejects Christ, the harder their heart becomes.

    Now I am not saying that the elderly can not be saved. I am just saying that is very difficult for them to come to Christ from what I have observed.
  15. Ohh well, fire insurance or not, he got to go to paradise.
    The hardening of the heart only comes with practiced rejection though doesn't it Major?
    If an elderly person has never been really (or often) challenged by the gospel, are they going to be as hard as someone who has mad a career out of rejecting Jesus?
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  16. The fact that Jesus told him he would be in Paradise shows it was not just fire insurance.

    Studies have shown that if someone does not accept Jesus by age 18, their chances drop considerably.
  17. Matthew 20 comes to mind. The laborers in the vineyard parable describes three groups of workers. Some worked all day, some about half of the day, and others only one hour, yet they were all paid the same, a full day's worth of wages.
    Was this parable intended for Jews who cry out during the tribulation, or for gentiles on their deathbed? Is there a difference?
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  18. Of course that is true. Jesus confirms his choice.
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    That is a great example and application. So true of the thinks
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  20. I think it is all about faithfulness. It tells me that it is not about the amount of time we serve God or what kind of position we have that determines the reward we receive. It seems to me it will be about the faithfillness that we gave to the job/ministry that God called us to do.

    We have several elderly ladies who are actually not able to do anything much anymore at our church. Their physical problems have greatly diminished their abilities. However, these dear ladies find their way to church every tuesday morning at 10:00 AM and have prayer service. Over the time they have met they keep records of who has been prayed for and the needs of all who ask for prayer. They are faithfull prayer warriors and God will bless them when they stand before Him!!!

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