Death Star Galaxy Is Intergalactic "Bully"

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  1. satan,s black hole ,God must be making sure it,s deep enough,lol.
  2. Actualy when I saw that news on TV/Cable, it was also discussed, how it had been discovered that 2 "small" galaxies are now beginning stages of colliding with our milkyway galaxy ---in our general region as well.

    I don't know the details, of which spiral arm they are hitting, but it is close to us, at least????

    that's all I know, as I did not look into it ---as cosmic time, is much longer, than God's time for us here and now,

    unless, it will cause /or has caused "celestial" object(s) to be moved towards earth, and are not detected yet, nor would we know how long they have been traveling for, or how close, until almost too late?????
  3. An intesting note- the existance of black holes has never been proven. What we have is an assumption based on limited evidence.
  4. Mike - yeah, we're on a collision course. I've been following this in the news and on TV and such. It's very interesting.

    But it's not going to happen like a traffic accident - BANG! - and it's over with.

    The two objects are so enormous that it's going to take hundreds of millions of years. It's neat to think about, huh? I love this kind of stuff.

    They say that the milky way is actually the aftermath of two galaxies that have already collided. So it's happened before (they say...notice now, guys, I said THEY SAY...mmmkay?:rolleyes:)

    About the black hole...every time they think they've found "the largest one ever", they find an even bigger one the next month. Its amazing, the force of these things. I see documentaries on the Science Channel...the most violent places in the universe, and it showed what would happen to the earth IF it came close to a black hole. It's incredible, the force...

    But then I look at it this way. The black hole is the most destructive force we can think of. Swallowing suns, planets, clouds of gas, everything. No return.

    ...And God could destroy a black hole with a puff of air from his lips.:cool:
  5. And yet there is no positive proof that black holes exist but only speculation based on limited data. I am not saying I am denying the possability but so much info science presents as fact is speculation and theory only.
  6. That's true, Bo. Scientists think they just have to know it all...and they can't rest until they do.

    No rest for the wicked?:eek:
  7. I know Black Holes exist, because God created them!!!!!!!!:)

    And I am not refering to the black hole between My ears!!!!:rolleyes:

    The Bible talks of the "Worlds" God created ---and from Genesis 1:1 --Eretz means world/and Cosmos: So,

    1) God created the Heavens and the Cosmos, and the Earth became formless and void ---due to lucifer's rebelion. Or,

    2) God created the Heavens and the Cosmos, and the Earth was formless and void.... etc..,

    In any event, Thru the complex physics of Hyperspace and parallel universes "Multiverse", and M-Theory Superstring Theory ( and it's own hyperspace of higher dimension ), and Quantum Mechanics -and it's many worlds possibilities, and Relativity ----Gives us the Complex Physics, God created, when He spoke all into existence, so that God can manipulate Space/Time Energy/Mass "continuums" at His leasure,

    And Black Holes, simply return, portions of What God has Spoken in this Universe, into another dimension/and or universe, which is part of God's spoken creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I tell science, bring it on baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, because God created it all anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Black Holes, and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Praise God, God is a wonderfull Artist, as well as everything else we know about Him, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

    Praise God in the Highest, Amen!!!!!!!!!!
  8. when you are not affraid to die,world news is often.
  9. That is certainly one way to look at it Mike!
  10. If Science does indeed prove it, God Created it:D

    When Science is wrong, they just misunderstood what God did:D

    Science is Great, because God created it:D

    What these other guys do, is like playing catch with activated grenades -sometimes they win, and:D
  11. in the kingdom of God there are many mansions,this one new 1 will be good.
  12. Agreed brother.
  13. Amen, God created it, if it is real, and if it's not then it doesn't exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Becasue all I know is God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because I know God is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I actualy do know, because Salvation Thru faith thru Grace came first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not of works, that no man should boast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But God, because of His work, of faith, and Grace in My life, He has shown Himslef to Me in My life!!!!!!!!!

    And as long as Faith, and Grace --as the free gift of salvation comes first ----God can too reveal Himself to You!!!!!!

    I don't know why we are supposed to pretend, none of Us, have seen Miracles, or God's Great Presence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Rules Forever in Truth and Love, end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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