Dear "Church"; Stop Sinning!

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  1. Stop it!

    Stop compromising, over-complicating and changing God's Word fooling yourselves into thinking that we need to try and make God's Word relevant.

    Stop trying to combine foolishness: myths, fables, legends and downright lies with God's ways.

    Stop thinking you know more than God.

    Stop acting like the world; YOU are called to be a 'peculiar' (weird, strange, DIFFERENT) people. YOU are supposed to be special treasure to the LORD so stop dressing like a harlot, showing of your body, listening to garbage music, reading raunchy books, playing games glorifying death, watching abominable entertainment just like the World....

    Stop sleeping with people you are not married too...Stop "dating" and commit to courting your lifelong helpmeet.

    Stop speaking like the World.

    Stop thinking like the World.

    Stop believing that this "Age of Grace" gives you the 'right' to do whatever you want to do-that is the way and teaching of the World; not of Christ.

    Stop living for yourself and live in Love: Love is an action not a feeling and it is a commandment.

    Stop thinking you don't have to Give out the Gospel.

    Stop thinking that God's won't sift out the bad apples.

    Stop worshiping your idols of men: nations, religions, politics, athletes, celebrities, false gods, etc...

    Stop expecting God to conform to your lifestyle- you are wrong!

    Stop creating false 'pastors' who are unwilling to dedicate themselves to God's Word.

    Stop believing you don't need to be in a Bible believing, preaching, teaching Church.

    Repent- change your mind about what YOU think is right and seek after Christ.

    I wonder how quick this thread will get deleted?
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  2. This was very well written and relevant ... But I wonder about the church part, BC of a previous bad experience.... I dont trust other churches.. I much rather read at home.
  3. AMEN my brother.....AMEN!
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  4. Sorry to hear Pancakes. God does want you in church. Don't let bad people keep you from your home. Its not theirs.
  5. A verse that God has laid on my heart this week:

    Matt 5:20 For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.
  6. Well;
    As with most of my threads, this one has gone over like a lead balloon. I think I should consider that a blessing?

    For those of you who liked the opening post; thank you, we need to clean up our acts. I am guilty of being a wishy-washy 'Christian' myself. We are far from Holy and the Church is failing because we have allowed ourselves to be weak.

    Now that being said; I do believe that God is still in the habit of using people until His return and He will leave a remnant- at least until that last day of Holy Spirit habitation on This Earth. I also believe that in that day (whether you are post, pre, mid-trib or whatever) that those 'left behind' will still have the opportunity to be saved-but how difficult will faith be then compared to now while He still dwells in us? How many "Christians" will be falling on their knees realizing they had a false hope? How many will turn their back completely never to look for Christ again choosing Hell?

    I speak mainly to the Church in the USA where we should be abounding but yet it is shrinking? Has God started moving His winnowing fan? We have bred a culture in the church where most people think they can still live like the world since they have their 'fire insurance' everything is going to be okay.

    I would add more to the original list above; but who would read it?

    Shame on us from turning from the truth and forgetting to remember where we came from.
  7. Pancakes, I recall some of your history; and I am sorry that the corporate church experience has jaded you. But your argument is not with me, it is with God: 'Forsake not the assembly of ourselves together' because you NEED people who are more spiritually mature than you to help you in this world. If for no other reason:

    "...because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall grow cold."

    "Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken."

    "Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man's heart shall melt:"

    We are weak on our own. We are going to need each other as the end draws closer. Else; will there be any Faith when Christ comes?
  8. I understand this..but I just dont want to go to another church...maybe one day but definitely not now.
  9. I don't attend buildings. I assemble with my family and online. Besides, the idea of a gathering is to help one another, not sitting in a pew with 25,000 people around you who you will never know. God wants us in houses, a dozen at most, going through the word of God, being accountable and being accounted. Find a God fearing Christian and grow with them. Then find others that want God more than the things of the earth. The whole idea is to change our lives to be in alignment with the way Jesus paved for us. God wishes so many churches to close because people can come and think because they come and listen they're doing the correct thing and going to heave, but there will be a lot of church goers in hell. God wants heart transformation, not repetitional acts that do nothing. Besides most church buildings are nothing more than filled with dead traditions or 3-ring circuses. Assemble with real God-fearing people, then your assembly will be in fulfillment. This will also help put God first and then denominations will go extinct.
  10. Personally I do attend buildings either. I do however gather with like minded people to worship and THAT is the church of Christ, not a building.

    I agree that many churches are dominated by triditio0ns and rituals but that IMO is not a reason to condemn ALL churches.
    The ones I have been involved in genually care for and love their members. There is friendship and fellowship and support above and beyond the obvious of Bible study.
    People take others to the doctor and take food over when needed or mow ones yard when others are sick.

    Maybe attend a church of 50 or 60 or so instead of 25,000. Then you would be able to meet and make friends with others.

    Just a thought.
  11. I've attended many sizes, shapes, and denoms all my life. The best was in Italy when we met in a house - 12 of us. But as it is, we were all stationed there when I was in the Air Force and to this day, I'm still in touch with them more than any other in all the denominational churches I attended, including the Ind. Baptists or the Catholics I grew up with. When it's real, it's real. In fact I had a catchup lunch with a buddy of mine just today I used to go to Sunday School with a long time ago when I lived here before. A real man of God and it was great to commune in the Spirit with someone like him.
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