Dealing with people and anxiety in school?

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  1. I'm currently a freshmen, but things are already very complicated for me. I can't concentrate in school, because I have a strange problem; which is..I make the room smell really bad. It's not my body odor, it's more like ...a sewage like, or gas coming out without me knowing it....
    I know there are many things I can do to stop this problem, but I've had it for almost a year now, and it seems to be only getting worse. Almost everyone in school looks at me with judging eyes, and thinks I do it purposefully, but it happens without my consent..The only reason why I am still able endure this is because I believe in God, I have a supporting mother, and a few kind friends who aren't condemned in the same classroom as I.
    The comments from people are getting worse, and it's driving them insane as well..One of them even suggested to threaten me (literally), and another class group laughed about it and said 'She will be missed.'
    I have always been a stressed and anxious girl, so I prayed to God that he will protect me from the words that would hurt me, and he did.. But I'm really starting to lose hope..especially whenever I'm in class with those people..
  2. Hey, Sherry!

    Hope this message finds you well and God is helping you with the words of others.

    Have you been checked out by the doctor to see what this is?
  3. Hello! :)
    I have been to 4 different doctors and all had no clue why this was happening. My current doctor is trying to find out the cause behind this though, and we're 'experimenting' to see which cures can help me get rid of this issue.
  4. Firstly allow me to welcome you to CFS, it's lovely to have you here.
    That sounds like a strange one; it must be very rare if a handful of doctor cannot source the problem.
    Whilst your current doctor is thinking and 'experimenting' allow God to be involved in curing the problem.
    Keep this issue in your daily prayers with God. (y)
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  5. Thank you! I will do that! :)
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  6. That's hard... However, I believe God has a purpose for everything.

    Just be strong knowing God is for you and he will use you in a way that pleases him. As for the odor problem, pray about it and consider seeking medical advice.

    I'm currently a Junior in High School and know how rough school can be. Just focus on your grades and find friends who don't care about those things.

  7. Thank you! I think the smell is mostly gas...but that's the issue, because half of the time I can't smell nor feel anything...
    It's a pretty embarrassing topic haha...
  8. It's indeed a strange problem...
    Yes, I will do that :) (pray and seek advice).
  9. Keep a food diary... what you eat, how you feel hours later and if you notice any change. you might be allergic to dairy or wheat.
  10. Hoping God is helping you to a quick recovery.
    As Abdicate has diary is a good idea.
  11. I have no idea about this. My brothers went to school with a boy who passed gas a lot. I see him now and then, and I think he no longer has the problem. Maybe he just grew up.
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  12. Glad to see you back Ghid! :)
  13. I did not go anywhere. I just realized that I am the only teenage member, so I’m waiting to see if anyone my age will join the forum.
  14. Check out what the herbalists have to say about Cayenne Pepper.

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