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Is dating wrong or right?

  1. Right

  2. Wrong

  3. I dont know

  1. I must agree with you, ExCordeChristi.
  2. I do as well.. I'm just annoyed by the opinion that dating is a spiritual wrecker in general.
  3. Is it wrong that I don't think there's anyone better for any girl I might meet? I'm absolutely commited to serving God and putting Him first, but after that there's nothing I wouldn't do for my [to be] wife.


    It's just what I see of people, I wish I could show all the ladies the mistakes their making getting with these guys. Not that there aren't Christian guys that I'd see as better than myself, I'm not that self-rightious and that, it's just that I believe someone who is lost, no matter how much better in other ways, is no good for a girl if He's holding her back from possible salvation.

    I agree Excorde.

    Thanks Jeff.
  4. It is painful to see a friend make a mistake like that. It is so sad that many girls are so desperate for "love" that they will do just about anything for it...even if it lasts for a moment. That is why all men need to step up to the plate and respect a woman's dignity more than their own desire for pleasure. I am disgusted by the way women are treated by men today. :(
  5. I think we need to always ask ourself why do we need to date?
    Is dating the only option available?
    Is dating not a sign of lack of trust in God?
    Jesus is All in All
  6. who knows trust your heart,God weighs it.:)
  7. I really would like to know whatever happened to dating. It seems like young adults my age go straight to "hooking up". That being said, I don't think there is anything wrong with dating in a traditional sense. But I think the guy and girl should start out on a friendship first, then take it slow, really slow (no pre-marital), and learn more about each other to see if they are compatible.
  8. many people have been hurt and spiritualy injured by dating.Be warned!
    Jesus is All in All

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