Dating The Christian Way And Spritual Leadership

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Do you believe Spiritual Leadership begins before marriage; during courtship?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. You know I like to K.I.S, so I will break my thread down with questions. Now that I am no longer involved in Secular dating, I have a few questions about Christian dating/courtship:

    1) Should the women pursue the relationship, ever?

    2) Should a Christian women ever initiate "the talk" in a relationship with a Christian man or should HE be clear on where the relationship is headed?

    3) As a Christian man, is it more his responsibility for not putting his foot down about being physical?

    4) What exactly does Spiritual Leadership mean to a man?

    5) Is it a bad idea to date someone of a different denomination, say Catholic, when I'm non-denominational/Calvary Chapel?

    6) Should a Christian man or women date more than one person at a time? What if the man has not said anything about their relationship status and they've been dating for a while? Is it OK for her to date another at that point while the guy figures out where things are headed?

    6) What does a true Christian man want in a woman and how can I be more that woman?

    I am sure I will have more questions as answers unfold. I appreciate anyone who responds.
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    Oh my sides hurt.

    You know I love you Sis; when someone finds the magical 'lust erasing wand' please let me know. I know there are a few oddities on here that have this weird control mechanism over their flesh and say they are not compelled 'physically' by the opposite sex. GOD BLESS YOU!

    It is my experience, that males-and I being a male- can be 'physical' ('s the 'S' word again SEX!) with their mate at the drop of hat. It doesn't matter (usually) how tired you are, what you mood you are in, how your spouse treated you that day, etc...If your spouse even hints (or doesn't) us men are ready to go at anytime.

    You womenfolk have much more control over the sexual aspect of the relationship than you realize. God made man, then God made women so man was not alone and had a helpmeet AND to 'replenish' the Earth. He made them equal but different 'in His image'.

    SHOULD a Christian man have more control than normal Joe Shmo? YES- and it take LOOOOOOOOTS of work. When you have an 80+ year old preacher tell you 'it never goes away' (the pulling of lust), what does that tell you?

    The question is-are you lusting after your spouse, idolizing the opposite sex are just deranged?

    Like my Pastor says 'You women all have a little Delilah in you, you need to learn how to use it'....

    Husbands and wives SHOULD lust for one another (behind close doors.) {Christian 'SEX' doesn't have to be boring!}
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  3. 1. Yes. I believe it should be mutual as the Holy Spirit plays Cupid. No smooth-talking guys needed.
    2. At my church we differentiate between dating and courting. Intentions with courting are open /obvious / known to all. No 'talk' is needed as both should know scripture and want to respect God to marriage.
    3. No. In courting you need to be each others back-up and avoid situations where you both will fall.
    4. In marriage, he initiates going to church / bible studies and family prayer meetings.
    5. No. A Christian is not a title, it is having Jesus on the throne in our lives. There are hypocrites in every denomination. We just need to be sure that our 'spouse to be' do in fact love Jesus / are Christian.
    6. Dating has always had grey areas. It is human nature to wait for the bbd (bigger better deal). If they date others and don't leave / stop it for you, then move on, clearly not meant to be. Think about the fact that God only hears the prayer of the righteous (John 9:31). You are praying for a husband. Some God fearing man is praying for a wife. God brings you two together. When you find a God fearing person (needle in a haystack) there is a very very good chance that God is behind it, hang around / be committed from the start.
    7. God-fearing and respect. Someone who loves the Lord will be annoyed with every action by someone who does not. A man wants to feel like he is the man too. Let him drive the car and he will open the door for you.
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  4. A friend, confidant, appreciation, honesty, integrity, reassurance, acceptance, encouragement, counseling, argument without sin! Don't you desire these things in your mate? 'Do unto others...' Jesus Christ

    Being lonely sucks. Being with someone unholy and /or not a believer is WAAAAAAAAY worse......

    Trying maintain an unGodly relationship is about the most miserable thing you can live on Earth (right next to imprisonment awaiting martyrdom) Trust me...I KNOW!
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  5. 5 is probably the only one I will comment on. I'd guess if like different denominations can do , you see Christ as the core
    but maybe differ over your views on say end times I'd doubt it matters.

    I would advise that you beware of people who follow foreign gods though,
  6. (I needed to explain my above to my mother - a foreign god to me could for example be "New Agey")
  8. LOL..............Really great responce!!!!
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  9. Thanks Major....:D
  10. My questions were real. Not coming from "lust" as you say. This question, if you look at all of the other questions, is stemming from spiritual leadership and asking if the man, as the spiritual leader, should put his foot down. You're reading it incorrectly. I'm not saying that a woman should seduce a man and "test" him. I'm asking that if things get hot and heavy and the lady get's caught up, is it more his responsibility to slow things down. I cannot believe that you are laughing at me and are making assumptions based on one or two questions. Perhaps asking me to clarify the question more would be appropriate.
  11. Very kind of you to not take my post seriously.
  12. Thank you so much for answering my questions thoroughly!
  13. I appreciate it!
  14. I am taking your post seriously, the point is: YOU SHOULDN'T BE ALONE PHYSICALLY UNLESS YOU ARE MARRIED ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD.

    But your history dictates you don't want to here that. So when you get 'Hot & Heavy' with your husband; there will be no SIN! That's the point Tink.

    I can not and will not compromise God's Word for your carnal desires. If you are married, there is no problem lusting after your spouse. If you are not, THEN YOU ARE WRONG ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD; to be alone with a man that is not your husband.

    In Love & Truth your Brother in Christ.
  15. responce was to DRS, not yours.
  16. I feel you are judging.
  17. Yes, but you piggybacked off his thread, which appeared to be mocking my question.
  18. @Dirty and (somewhat) Major. Look, you might think I'm being sensitive, but when you focus on one of my questions and then spend half your thread laughing at me, it hurts. It tells me that you are not taking the rest of my questions seriously. Since you did not answer them, I think it's safe to assume you don't.

    I don't care if I'm rebuked, but don't sit there and rebuke me because you assume, based on one question out of seven what my intentions are in terms of an answer. You made a mockery out of my thread and I don't appreciate it.
  19. No..........just that as a married man I knew what he was saying and it was funny to me. I had no thought of making fun of you.

    All married men know the answers to your questions Tink and it is exactly what DRS said. It is the women, our wives who controle sex in the marriage and that was what DRS was laughing at too.

    I have been married 44 years to the same wonderful woman and if you asked her she would laugh as well. She knows who is in charge. All wives and husbands know who is in charge in the area of sex.

    The answer that husbands learn real quick in a marriage is......."Yes dear you are right, I am sorry".
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  20. No I am rebuking; "Stop sinning" Jesus Christ

    Your argument is with the Lord not me.
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