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Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by Hawkeye, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Hey everybody, I'm really new to this whole relationship thing- honestly I didn't feel like getting involved with anybody at all before now because I just wasn't at the point in my life where I felt like I was ready.

    Honestly, I wasn't even really "looking" for any kind of relationship myself at all. A month ago, I ran into this girl who goes to the same school as me. She was wearing a shirt I recognized, and I ran into her and started talking a bit. We ran into each other after class (both of our classes are really close and got out at the same time). We talked again, and I kind of forgot about it.

    We kept running into each other and started talking, helping with homework, etc for the next few weeks and I found out we had a lot in common. A few days ago my family had a halloween party at my house so I decided to invite her over. We talked the whole time, played video games, normal stuff like that I guess. At one point I put my arm around her and I think we both took it as more than a normal friendly geasture. She gave me a long hug and had to head back home because it was getting pretty late. We both had a really good time and agreed that we needed to get together and do something else sometime soon. She offered to leave her PS3 over at my house overnight and pick it up after church (she goes to church not far from my house) but I had work and wouldn't be at home, plus I had to get up really early and wouldn't have time to do much anyways.

    Paraphrasing of course with a lot of this, but I'm honestly starting to think that I'm interested in this girl and she's interested in me as well. Something just feels right about it, I don't know- like that cool and harmless feeling. How does everybody recommend I go about doing this sort of thing? I know what the Bible says about sexual immorality, but I don't know much else outside of that.

    Thanks for your time, sorry if this was a long read.

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