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  1. I just joined. If you want to know anything about me I think the best way is just ask me a question. Anything at all.
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  2. Welcome!

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  3. Hi! Ok, what subject or book of the Bible intrigues you the most right now? I find myself drawn to Romans quite often.
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  4. The person and divinity of Christ. Man and God united is a truth that is fascinating for want of a better word. His divinity is seen in that He was without sin. That He can be sinless yet be the friend of sinners. That He being just died for the unjust. That He being a man can call us brother and He being divine, we can become children of God through Him. I believe that there is so much in this to be carefully pondered.

    Also the times being what they are, with Godlessness abounding. Is the end near? It seems like Satan is raging and the Bible says he will as he sees his end coming. So we live in exciting times.
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  6. Welcome to the forums.
    Great to see you here.
    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any staff member.
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  7. Welcome to cfs!
    Blessings of grace and peace be to you in abundance
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  8. Welcome Darrelex,
    Make your self at home and join in on some good fellowship. Looking forward to future fellowship with you.

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