Dare to share the tree of life and His Wisdom

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  1. Dare to Draw Near to the Tree of Life This Christmas!

    • Determine to press into Jesus, the Tree of Life, and stay close! To help you stay accountable, consider joining a Bible study group.
    • Practice the presence of God by walking and talking with Him every day, all day. Talk to Him as you walk to your car, go shopping and do chores.
    • As you study His Word today, write down what God is saying to you through that Word, and how you will respond.

    Dare to Shine His Light on Wisdom This Christmas!

    • Have you made wisdom the principal thing? Invest the time in His WORD each day to seek God and His infinite wisdom.
    • Ask God to give you wisdom in all your ways, according to James 1:5, and He will give it to you!
    • Do a search for all the verses in the Bible with the word wisdom, then study and meditate on those truths

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