Dangerous Deep Freeze

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Dangerous Deep Freeze

    It is not even officially winter yet and look what the Western Provinces of Canada are experiencing .


    Click on Yahoo to see ..... -57 incredible
  2. Makes you wonder who still believes in "global warming". :D
  3. It's 10:30 AM here and already 70 degrees F. Move to Florida where all us retired folks are. :D
  4. I like Florida. Except for the hurricanes and mosquitoes the size of horses...:eek:

  5. Hey Jon - Marc.... Not a bad idea . :D I am retired and living in the snow . But our summers are nice .... short but nice.
  6. Aren't mosquitoes the state bird of Florida?
  7. Here I am in BC's southern interior and yep, it's a little frigid out there. We are currently at -10F. Last night with wind chill was-16F. I sure am grateful for our snug home and that new shelters have opened up in the city.
  8. and what's more, we're all out of COFFEE!! :eek:
  9. Almost! :D

  10. Frosty bit my ears. I'll get'm back. Where's ma flame thrower? :D
  11. I submitted a question by way of email to Al 'Global Warming' Gore about this current situation. His press secretary said that he would not be able to send a reply because his "Global Warming Speech Tour Bus" is stuck in a 9 foot snow drift in St. Cloud, Minnesota. :D :D
  12. Lol I hope you are pulling our legs, P.G. Don't anger the Al Gorians. They'll come with even more global warmings and a couple of fried polar bears, too.

  13. I once heard the mosquitoes discussing whether to eat me there or take me home. :D In the three years I've been here, I haven't seen one 'gator; I did hear one though.

  14. He he ....:D:D:D Good one Pastor ...... global warming .... Bah ... humbug !!!!
  15. I so feel for you. I'd be breakin out the snowshoes.

    Where is my global warming? It's 18 degrees here (that -7.77 for you metriculous people). It almost never get's this cold and we've had snow for 4 days now and still snowing. Usually snows here melt in a day or so.
  16. I wish someone would publish a photo of it, a picture speaks a thousand words they say.
  17. Al Gorians, I love it. It sounds like aliens or something. Come to think of it, they are trying to take over the Earth, maybe...
  18. I was listening to a recording of a reading from one of Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe stories (CBC radio fans will know of whom I speak.) The lead character, Dave, was lamenting to his neighbor about how he wanted to make it snow for his wife for Christmas.
    To which the neighbor replied: "Who do you think you are, Al Gore?"
  19. Oh no ..... We just got dumped on and now a major storm is coming again

  20. Dusty - You can probably get a bit more information and a nice interactive precipitation map in the link below. Your storm will be starting early Friday Dec. 19 and will essentially last in stages until Monday December 22.

    10 Day Weather Forecast for Toronto, Canada - weather.com

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