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  1. Dandilions

    Ugh...... I hate them ..... dandilions., but now we have a new law .... A pesticide law. We cannot put any pesticide on our lawns and will get a fine , but how they are going to police.it is another question.

    Short of having to dig them out manually does any one have an alternative , natural solution?

    When you go anywhere now it looks so bad cause the parks and everywhere are turning yellow instead of green... Sigh:(:(
  2. My wifes daycare kids love to pick the yellow heads off, I'm very encouraging when they do it, I might have to make a contest and a prize for the kid who picks the most... :D ! Too bad I don't drink, I could make some dandelion wine. I wonder how they would taste in a juicer?
  3. I've been in my home for almost 5 years now. I've been trying to grow a lawn ever since I moved in, without much success. The ground's too rocky, I have to rake every spring. I plant seed and watch it wash away. The birds all laugh at me from their branches in the trees, pointing with their wings and throwing their heads back to cackle.

    I planted a cherry tree and I'm tending to it every day. I still water my grass, or what little of it there is in the desert sun.

    Last week, I noticed something strange.

    A dadilion!:eek:

    My very first one! My first house, a big accomplishment, my grass that's growing...and this, my precious little first dadilion!:eek:

    All mine. So yellow and bright in the grass that's hard growing.

    I'm so blessed!:)
  4. who,s law do you live by.?

  5. ?????? Michael .... We have to abide by the laws that our city puts out.

    Thanks for all your comments but no body has helped my problem.
  6. I'm sorry Dusty.:(

    Have you tried that spray? You spray it on the plant, supposedly, and it kills the entire plant?

    I had no idea that they could make laws about flowers. Or are dandilions flowers? They look sure look purdy to me.:p
  7. I've heard that they don't like boiling water very much.
  8. We cannot use any pesticide.... It is banded and we will get a fine but we can't buy any of that stuff in the store anyways.

    No ,dandilions are weeds .... sorry to burst your bubble..... he he
    and they look horrible in the lawn and they choke out the grass and now everywhere in the parks... all you see is yellow.
  9. Thanks , Don I will try that but at the moment am just digging them out.

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