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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Jesus Freak, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. Okay, this is going to be my only thread about Joel Osteen. If it gets locked, no more will be created. Let's stay civil about this. Let's not talk about what we know to be true/not true about him. Anyway, let's get chatting.

    I like him because he is a positive person. He also talks about the bible in a positive way too. It makes lots of people come to know about Jesus in a good light. What do those of you who know Joel's teachings like about him?

    I like also the music he has the people sing. They know how to get the crowd going. It makes me feel good seeing that he does that.

    I've noticed too that he gets emotional sometimes. It's okay. I do when I see him cry. He picks on himself about it. He really loved his father, I think his name was John.

    Lakewood was started in a feed store with dirt and hay on the ground with 90 people. Now it's in the former Compaq center, and it probably has in my estimation 30,000 people. I will look that up for you. Anyway, your turn guys to say what you like about Joel.

    Here's a Wikipedia article about Lakewood Church.


    Hope you enjoy reading it.
  2. Come on guys. I know you all want to talk about Joel. But not the bad things about him. Good only.
  3. He seems to be a genuinely sincere and concerned person, and in "his own way" I think he is trying to further God's cause.
    His doctrine may be dishwater, but he appeals to many who have grown tired of "fire and brimstone sermons".
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  4. That's right. I am one of those people that don't like the fire and brimstone sermons all the time.
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  5. He smiles alot. He has nice suits. He was on Larry King. :)
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  6. Oh good a Joel Osteen thread. I have not had the pleasure of listening to any of his sermons, but that hair..

    His hair reminds me of John Stamos from that nick at night show Full House. I believe John Stamos used a mousse product, with various hair sprays, but Osteen's hair seems to have a tad bit more volume. Do you think it could have something to do with the environment? Like, the levels of humidity/elevation in a particular location having an affect?
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  7. I so want to say something but we are being nice to Joel on this thread. :)
  8. What exactly does fire and breadstones mean? Did Jesus preach like this? If so, then I'm for it.
  9. Meh, nothing really offends me, except people bashing Christians. If you think it might be offensive to others you can pm me. :)
  10. I went to an AOG church in Louisiana and the preacher was all fire and brimstone. I loved the sermons. You left fired up and wanting to smack unbelievers along side the head with your bible lol. Was very exciting haha
  11. I think God is using him to attract people to the gospel. But his doctrine is a little worldly. That's all I'll say.
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  12. Thank you. He does get people to believe they're good. And that they are worthy of His love. He tries to get people to do a 360 degree turn in their thinking. And to me, that's good.

    He also has lots of books that are good reads. I haven't read them, but want to get one of his latest ones called Break Out.

    You who have not seen any of his sermons should see one. I'll post a video of one for you to see.

  13. I want you that haven't watched his sermon to watch this all the way through and come back and tell me what you like about the topic he's talking about.
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    I agree with cosmic. I must also warn you that the reason threads like this get locked is because of Psalm 105:15 Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.", 1 Thess 5:12-13 and Matt 12:30 Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

    False teaching is a serious offence. We can judge / discern them and warn others, but not hammer a guy personally / condemn him. It is God's baby to judge for punishment. Cosmic has said all that needs to be said imho. We can discuss what he said 'worldly teaching' on a non Joel thread if you wish.

    We have the Holy Spirit teaching us all day long! Us listening / not listening to Joel is our baby with God. We can't stand before God and say ''Joel'' told me so. Birds of a feather.
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  15. I've liked what I've heard of his preaching. I like positive thinking, and I need that sort of thing. However, I haven't heard very much of his preaching... just little bits here and there. What is worldly about it? Anything that goes against the Bible? Am I allowed to ask that here, or is that better in a different thread?
  16. I agree with this, so if anyone answering my above question is going to hammer the guy, don't do it!
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  17. I agree with you KingJ. But I like him, and that may be wrong in people's eyes. I am not worried about what anyone says about him. I defend him, and if that's wrong, then I'm sorry. You like who you like, and I like who I like. Let's not let this get heated. I want people to say what they want in a good way. The thread has been going well since the beginning.
  18. @Sweet Pea you're allowed to ask anything you want. He just talks about things like jobs, diesease, relationships. Things like that. And I haven't seen anything that goes against the bible. He just preaches the good stuff in the bible. We have enough people that preach the bad stuff. I am not saying that I hate the bad stuff. It's time for a change. And, I'm not hammering the guy either. Just answering your valid questions.
  19. He is a feel good minister. He doesn't talk alot about the negative aspects of sin. He does share at times the word of God but some of the sermons I've heard he doesn't mention Jesus that often. His outlook on Gays is positive to the Gay community. He does feel it is a sin but also states they will enter heaven even if they continue to live a Gay life style. I'm up in the air on this one because when God finally got my attention and I repented all my sins I didn't want to sin anymore. When I did sin and sin to this day I feel the Holy Spirits conviction on me and it is like letting down my wife but 100x stronger. He does seem like a decent guy though.
  20. Have never seen a thread on Joel Osteen receiving so many positive comments without someone bashing him.. You guys might have set a record! :D
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