Daily Thought - We Are Barabbas

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  1. But they shouted back, "No! Not this man. We want Barabbas!" (Barabbas was a revolutionary.) - John 18: 40 (NLT)

    Spurned on by the religious leaders of the day, the crowd demands Jesus Christ be crucified and the revolutionary criminal known as Barabbas be set free. What many may not realize is that the name Barabbas literally means - Bar = "son of" and Abbas = "Father". Thus Barabbas means the son of the Father.

    We are Barabbas beloved. We are the revolutionary in rebellion against the Father. We are the one guilty and deserving of punishment. We were the ones deserving of death for our transgressions. But to spare us, the son of the Father, God sent His Son of the Father to take our place.

    Think about it this weekend amidst the silliness of bunnies and jelly beans. We were Barabbas. We were imprisoned. We were awaiting judgment. We were sentenced to die. Then in the last minute, God provided another Son of the Father to take our rightful place in death so that we would have eternal life. The scourging Christ took was ours. The crown of thorns was meant for us. The execution was earned by us. But He took it all for us. He took the whips. He took the spear. He took the humiliation. He took it all from us so that as sons of the Father, we could be restored.

    That is why I take this seriously. That is why we all should have more reverence tomorrow. It is the single most important date in our faith and as much as i might like candy peeps, this day has nothing to do with them. This day has to do with my Father sacrificing His only Son so that I might truly be called a son of the Father. His name beloved is Jesus and He died for you and for me. And we are Barabbas.

    Rev. Anthony.

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